YVM Is Going To Get Even Better In 2019…

In 2018 I learned a LOT about helping business owners. I also learned a LOT about running a community. I also learned a LOT about myself too.

Which is why I know YVM is going to be even better in 2019.

You might have seen a couple of the new things we already have available for you…

ChallengeExperience Real Change & Success

RoadmapsGet More (of the right) Clients

And that’s me just getting started.

Throughout 2018 I made adjustments and improvements, but in 2019 I’m going to go even further. Over the past 3 months I’ve been watching and listening very carefully. I’ve learned key lessons about how to truly help our members and importantly what help they want / need.

My #BrainDump has never been so full (seriously, it was getting slow to load so had to start a new Evernote for it! First time for everything!). Some ideas are little such as a single post, others are much bigger… challenges, downloads, templates, meetups, courses, more of ME, new mentors and much more.

At the same time I’m pulling back on certain things. I have a big vision for YVM but I realised last year, I have time and I need to be patient.

For now, I want to share a quick reminder about the free ways you can get help from YVM…

Webinars – each month I host webinars which anyone can attend live for free, make sure not to miss these by registering for reminders… http://bit.ly/YVM-Webinars

Blogs – each week I share a new post providing you with advice and insight into a particular issue. Read all posts here… http://bit.ly/YVM-Blog

Podcast – I share short informative episodes a couple times a week so you can keep up with YVM while on the go. Listen in here… http://bit.ly/YVM-Podcast

Resources – Grab our roadmaps, templates and free resources via our LEARN section… http://bit.ly/YVM-Learn

Check out those links and go grab yourself lots of free advice, support and inspiration from Your Virtual Mentors.

Here’s to a fantastically fruitful and fun filled 2019,


P.S If you want even more help, shortcuts and faster progress…join the waiting list for our paid group http://bit.ly/SBA-Waiting-List


Post by Paul Bassi

Hey there business owner, I’d personally like to invite you to join our free community of 2500+ like minded business owners all helping one another.

Or if you’re ready to invest £££ in yourself to see results faster make sure to find out more about our Business Accelerator Group.

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