Mentoring Membership For Ambitious Business Owners

Hi there! It's Paul Bassi, on this page you'll find all the details about the mentoring membership group we run here at YVM. It's called the YVM Business Accelerator...

A community of ambitious business owners like you who want more Money, Time, Freedom & Certainty.

Learn more about our 5 step system to level up your business, our dream business planning process and how to access all the help you need to accelerate your success.

Before we get there, let's make sure this is the right group for you...

Does this sound like you?

  • You love what you do but you're struggling making enough money from it?
  • You've been in business a while & find yourself stuck, on the wrong path or just unsure how to achieve that next level of success
  • You know you need expert help but can't afford to hire a 1-2-1 coach?
  • You're overwhelmed by how much there is to learn and do - You're frustrated at not having access to quality training / guidance to make things easier?
  • You're losing confidence you can make this work and just want some support when things don't quite go to plan?
  • You struggle staying focused, often get off track and need a plan?
  • You're feeling lonely and unsupported - You want some support and to be surrounded by positive like minded business owners who have your back?
  • You're ready to take this business seriously and need to step up?

Nodding your head? Sounding all too familiar?

Then I'm super excited to tell you the YVM Business Accelerator has been specifically designed for business owners just like you.

Read on...


5 Steps To Level Up Your Business

STEP 1 - Your Dream Business Plan

We'll help you create your dream business success plan. No more hamster wheel or going in circles - you'll get clarity on what you want in life, the business you need to build and what you need to do in order to realise your goals.

STEP 2 - Make Real Progress Every Day

Next we'll make sure you're being kept accountable, making the right moves and making real progress. No more procrastination, shiny objects distracting you or simply going off track and losing sign of what matters most.

STEP 3 - Learn The Key Skills

You'll start learning new skills, get relevant answers that you get and feeling more confident in your abilities. No more doubting yourself, not having answers, not knowing what to do or wasting money on another course that doesn't deliver.

STEP 4 - Support Team 24/7

You get help when you struggle, fans to cheer you on, friends to celebrate with and much more. We're your support system so you'll never feel alone, always have a place to seek help and surround yourself with like minded people who understand what you're going through.

STEP 5 - Tailored Help & Mentoring

Finally we'll be guiding and mentoring you along the way. Giving you those subtle but crucial suggestions, ideas and nudges needed to keep you moving towards your goals. No more getting stuck in your head, not knowing what to do or letting those dreams you had slip away.



Here's A Selection of Popular Training Available

There's much more available in the webinar vault, template archive and video archives.

You will be able to pick and choose any of the 30+ trainings as you need them.

All trainings are recorded, so even if you miss a live training you'll be able to catch up at anytime.

You'll Also Get Access To Our Members Only Facebook Group

This will be the place you go to when you need some support, want to ask a question, have got stuck... or just when you need to chat with people who know you and have your back no matter what.


Hi, my name is Paul Bassi - Founder of YVM - I've personally helped hundreds of business owners grow their businesses and oversee the free 2000+ members of the YVM community Facebook Group.

With 9 years in the online marketing industry I have helped people launch dream business, pivot their business 180 degrees, quit their jobs, reach 5&6 figures across a range of industries from virtual assistants to marketing to online retailers and many more.

In 2018 after demand from existing free YVM members I launched a paid business group programme. I spent 12 months working with a small group of members to develop a programme that works.

As a member of the YVMBA you don't just get access to me, our premium features and other members experience. You also get to access to the combined knowledge of our handpicked team of Mentors and experienced business owners.


Access The Combined Expertise of Dozens of Experts, Successful Business Owners & Our Community












2 x Live Webinars Per Month

Full Access To Training Vault of 30+ Webinars + Video Archive

Weekly Group Training / Coach with Paul + Q&A

Monthly Group Turbo Coaching Call With Paul

Monthly Marketing Clinic

Weekly Accountability Check In

2 x Weekly Co Working Sessions

90 Day Planning Templates & Support

Members Only Facebook Group

Plus Much Much More.




After your first month it's just £45 per month.

No long contracts and you can cancel anytime. Not that you'll want to considering how well your business will be doing.

Cancel Anytime - No Long Contract

You can join the £1 for a whole month and if you don't want to continue membership you can cancel. Paul will even message you to remind you about your £1 month coming to and end.

Not Sure If Membership is For You?

The YVM BA Is NOT For Everyone, Check To See If You're The Right Fit...

Business Owners - Sole traders, freelancers, micro business owners and small business owners ready to take things to the next level.

Marketing Help - Anyone who needs help Getting Customers, Attracting Leads & Making Sales

Struggling Owners - Anyone experiencing fear of failure, loneliness, overwhelm, low confidence, lack of knowledge, common mistakes or fear of failure.

Action takers - People who are ready to invest time in crucial personal and business development.


Shortcuts Seekers - A successful business happens by putting in the work in the right places. We'll guide you in the right direction, help you and more but you still need to do the work.

Negative People - we're here to help build one another up. We're protective over our community and we only want positive forward thinking people.

Guaranteed Results - sorry but there are no guarantees when it comes to business. We'll do all we can but you still have to do the work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Nope. You can sign up today for £1 and cancel at anytime. After your first month you will then be charged £45 per month for as long as you want to be a member.

We'd suggest setting aside at least a couple of hours per week to benefit from the Training, Group and various Virtual Events we run.

Mentors are available to answer questions at the end of their dedicated webinar sessions.

You will also be able to put questions to other members of the programme and Paul at any time.

Absolutely. We have members who are in their first year and others who are 5+ years into their journey.

If you need advice, support and inspiration to achieve your goals then the YVM Small Business Accelerator is for you.

Absolutely. You can cancel at anytime. Paul will contact you before your £1 month ends so there is no chance of you forgetting about the renewal date.

Where Will You Be In 30 Days?

In 30 days will you still be experiencing the same results? Still struggling? See no progress? Now is the time to take action, join the YVMBA and together we'll make sure you move forward towards your goals.


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