Tools We Use At YVM…

Here at YVM we use lots of online tools to help us run the various platforms and systems we provide. As we’re regularly asked about what tools we use, it made sense for use to list them all for you.

So that’s what we’ve done below for you. If you’re looking for further details about how we run and do things at YVM make sure to check out the Behind The Scenes section of our blog.

Now onto that list of tools…

( Full Disclosure: We are affiliates with many of the tools on this page. If you click a link and go onto make a purchase we may receive a commission )

Webinars & Virtual Meetings with Zoom

YVM couldn’t operate without a tool like Zoom.

It’s essential for running many of our virtual support systems in the YVM Small Business Accelerator.

Zoom is an online tool that allows you to run Virtual Meetings, Webinars, Conferences and much more.

We run our Monthly Virtual Classes using the webinar software and also use it as a sales tool to run webinars such as our Monthly Guided tours.

There are paid levels, which frankly are well worth the money if you need them, but you can get started for free…

Sign Up To Zoom For Free


Website Themes with ThemeForest

We are big WordPress fans and have been for a long time. To build the current YVM website we opted for the Bridge Theme.

This versatile and flexible theme comes with dozens of demos allowing you to build a great looking website very quickly.

The theme comes from Themeforest where you can also find many more popular WordPress themes.


Membership Platform with Kajabi

We use the amazing Kajabi platform for our membership site the YVM Academy.

Kajabi enables us to create membership sites, mini courses, email funnels and much much more.

If you’re someone who is looking to sell your content online Kajabi is a great option.

Before committing to any platform such as Kajabi, because let’s face it none of them are cheap, we’d always suggest having a look at a few options and seeing what works for you.

Take Kajabi For A Trial


Email Marketing with MailChimp

In 2018 we started building an email list (better late than never, right?!).

We opted for the well known reliable MailChimp.

Having used it previously and knowing it is GDPR compliant Paul was happy starting off with MailChimp.

In the future we may move to a more automation focused email provider such as Drip or ConvertKit for example, for now though, Mailchimp is what we’re using.

With MailChimp being free up to 2000 members it’s ideal if you’re just getting started with email marketing.

Sign Up To MailChimp For Free.


Facebook Group Marketing with Group Funnels

In July 2018 we started using group funnels to collect information from new people joining our Facebook Groups.

One word that describes this bit of software… PRICELESS!

Not only does it allow us to capture the answers it is helping us to finally as mentioned above start building our email list.

The time saved and business benefits of this are, here’s that word again, PRICELESS!

And yet, it’s available for just $29 per month. A very worthwhile investment even if you don’t have a fast growing group.

Find Out More Here


Improving Productivity with RescueTime

How many hours do you waste every week at your computer on things that don’t really matter?

We’re willing to bet it’s more than you think. And there’s a simple way to find out…install RescueTime on your computer.

This software tracks what websites / applications etc you spend time on. You can then attach whether it’s productive time or not.

From this you can get a daily, weekly and monthly productivity score. You quickly see the main culprits in terms of time wasted but you can also drill further into the data to see maybe what time of day you’re not productive for example.

There are paid options but the free plan is more than enough to give you some great ways to improve your productivity.

Try Rescue Time.


Marketing Calendar with Google Sheets

How do we pump out so much content and posts across so many platforms and not get all in a muddle?

Google Sheets.

With the YVM Marketing Calendar we can easily see what’s coming up in the content or marketing schedule.

This allows everything to be in sync and for us to make sure we know what needs to be planned, created and scheduled next.

P.S – Sign up for our weekly YVM updates & get a copy of our free YVM Marketing Calendar template. Click here to sign up.


Organise Your Ideas with Evernote

Here at YVM we’re always making notes, jotting down ideas or need a way of organising things.

Rather than have lots of papers or hoping everything is remembered, we use Evernote.

With lots of categories, tags, starred items we can on the whole keep everything in some sense or order.

It’s free on up to 2 devices as well so whether you add a note on your phone or on your laptop for example everything stays in sync.

Try Evernote.


Creating Amazing Graphics with Canva

Whether it’s social headers, blog post graphics, social posts or pretty much any graphic design work you need Canva is well worth taking a look at.

It’s free and so easy to use, it’s a no brainer. If you’re looking to create great looking graphics we highly recommend checking out Canva.

Canva can help you save time & money in your business plus improve your online marketing branding.

Try Canva.


Facebook Messenger Bot with ManyChat

We recently started using a Facebook messenger bot to help us keep members of the YVM Community in the loop of updates.

This works very much like Mailchimp the key difference is that people receive messages via FB messenger rather than email.

Relatively simple to figure out now we’re in the stage of figuring out how to best use it for YVM, but with it being free up to 1000 people on the list there’s plenty of time to do so before we’d have to pay.

Try ManyChat Free.


Social Media Scheduling

Currently (August 2018) we try to schedule our social media natively on platforms as much as possible.

The only tool we do use is Twitter’s schedule Tweetdeck.

Platforms prefer you to schedule natively and with YVM currently focusing mainly on Facebook this is relatively easy to do.

Should we start using any platforms such as Buffer, Hootsuite etc we will be sure to keep you updated.


Want To Discuss Tools & Software?

Head over to the YVM Community and post a new discussion.

There will be plenty of people ready to answer your question, offer advice and make suggestions.