Tools We’ve Been Using A Lot Lately At YVM

One of the things we’re keen to do here at YVM is to document our journey and share behind the scenes details.

So for today’s post we wanted to pull back the curtain on 5 tools we’ve been using a lot lately.

For a full list of tools we use click here.

(Please note, some of the links below are affiliate links. If you click them and go onto make a purchase we will likely receive a commission, at no cost to you)

Graphic Design with Canva

Whether it’s social headers, blog post graphics, social posts or pretty much any graphic design work you need Canva is well worth taking a look at.

It’s free and so easy to use it’s a no brainer.

If you’re looking to create great looking graphics we highly recommend checking out Canva.

Canva can help you save time & money in your business plus improve your online marketing branding.

Try Canva.

Documenting Made Easy with Evernote

Here at YVM we’re always making notes, jotting down ideas or need a way of organising things.

Rather than have lots of papers or hoping everything is remembered, we use Evernote.

With lots of categories, tags, starred items we can on the whole keep everything in some sense or order.

It’s free on up to 2 devices as well so whether you add a note on your phone or on your laptop for example everything stays in sync.

Try Evernote.

Email Marketing with Mailchimp

YVM has only just got into building a list and we’ve decided to keep things nice and simply by using the well known tool, Mailchimp.

It’s got all the basics we need and has added key elements such as automation, segmenting and landing pages to it’s features.

With it being free up to 2000 subscribers makes it a bit of a no brainer for us to get started with.

In the past Paul has used software such as Drip, which we may turn to in the future if we look for more advanced email marketing strategies.

Try Mailchimp.

Online Courses, Membership Sites & More with Kajabi

One of our most used tools is Kajabi, the platform that enables us to create our membership sites, payment systems, affiliate systems and much more.

Kajabi is an all in one tool that allows you to sell your knowledge online.

Whether it’s a mini course, full online programme, membership site, digital product you can do it with Kajabi.

Kajabi is an amazing tool, but it’s not cheap. For this reason we suggest it’s not for beginners. If you’re launching your first course or product maybe as a beta version find another way. If it works and you have a course that’s in demand then we’d suggest looking at Kajabi.

Click here for a free 14 day trial.

If you use that affiliate link you’ll get a 15% discount on the price of your plan.

Facebook Messenger Bot with ManyChat

We recently started using a Facebook messenger bot to help us keep members of the YVM Community in the loop of updates.

This works very much like Mailchimp the key difference is that people receive messages via FB messenger rather than email.

Relatively simple to figure out now we’re in the stage of figuring out how to best use it for YVM, but with it being free up to 1000 people on the list there’s plenty of time to do so before we’d have to pay.

We’re currently seeing far higher open and click rate from our Messenger Bot in comparison to email marketing.

Sign Up For ManyChat For Free.

Take this list with a pinch of salt…

Simply because a tool works for YVM, does not automatically mean it’s the best one for you.

Take the list above and explore the tools, most give free trials or are free so have a play and explore them.

You’ll quickly get an idea of whether they’re better, the same or worse than what you currently use.

You might decide to change, you might not but at least you’ll be ensuring you use the best tools for your needs.

Should you have any questions about the tools hope over to the YVM Community and post a question.

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