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Tools & Software

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The Full List of Tools We Use...

Xero - Doing accounts isn't something we love doing, but we all need to take care of our obligations and Xero makes that super easy.

RescueTime - To keep Paul working efficiently we've deployed RescueTime on his computer so he stays on task and we can identify where he might be losing time.

ManyChat - Hello! You may have chatted with me via Facebook Messenger already. That's right we use ManyChat to keep our members updated and informed with what's going on at YVM.

Zoom - To run all our webinars, meetings and accountability sessions we use the very reliable Zoom. It makes recordings, sends out reminders and even allows us to also stream directly to Facebook at the same time.

Canva - We love making graphics but Photoshop is a bit too techy for us, so we use the easy as pie online software Canva. It allows us to create quote images, branded images and much more all on the free version.

Asana / Trello - Paul likes to be organised and to help him and the team all know what's going on we use a combination of Asana and Trello plus...

Google Docs - While we love the above two bits of software Google docs is where most of our planning happens. From 90 Day Planning to Business Planning to our Marketing Calendar.

Evernote - Our planning gets put into the above tools but it all starts in Evernote. With lots of categories and tags all of Paul's thoughts, ideas and plans are caught and organised in Evernote.

Anchor - To create the YVM podcast we use the brilliant tool Anchor. A brilliant free app that allows you to create podcast epsidoes without any of the usual tech hassles you might expect.


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