Three Ways To Have More Freedom In Your Business

Do You Feel Trapped By Your Business? Are You Constantly Worried About Money? Does It Feel Like You’re Going Nowhere?

If so, I want to share three ways to have more freedom in your business…

#1 Knowing What Matters Most

Rather than just working harder, doing more, doubling down…which let’s face it is exhausting when you already have a full schedule…

Start to focus on what matters most.

STOP worrying about little issues.

Keep your eye on the key things in your business. In every aspect of your business there will be a few key things. One key marketing tactic, one key customer service element, one key networking group…

Identify those things that matter most and put your energies into them.

Don’t worry about having an empty inbox every day.

Don’t worry about replying to social media instantly.

Unless it matters most, don’t worry about it. Get to it when you can, because you’ve got more important stuff to do.

#2 Set Boundaries

At home. At work. With clients. With suppliers. With yourself.

If you don’t set your own boundaries others will set them for you, and, chances are you won’t like them.

Tell clients what hours you’re available.

Don’t be on your phone all the time at home.

Let yourself rest.

Stick to your processes and don’t make exceptions.

By setting clear boundaries you’re not dancing to other people’s tune, you’re dancing to your own tune.

#3 Get Your Personal Finances In Order

The common problem for small business owners is that they need short term cash.

This means they thing in the short term. I need money now, what can I do to make money now.

Yes we all have bills to pay, but your business isn’t going to thrive if…

a) You’re always focusing on the short term

b) You’re constantly worrying about having enough money

Take time to plan your personal finances.

Get very clear how much you need to earn from your business.

Start to build up some savings. Be conscious of what you’re spending. Find ways to be more resourceful.

By taking control of your personal finances, you’ll lift the pressure of your business to make immediate money.

Which in time means you can build something, you can follow your passion and you can do it not stressed out by always worrying about money.

Remember…you’re running your business for a reason.

Your business can help you create the life you want.

It takes time, it takes effort but you can get there.


Post by Paul Bassi

Paul is the Founder of YVM, facilitates the free help on offer, runs the paid group and also builds WordPress Websites in a day (£300).

He setup in business in 2010 as a freelance marketer, went onto build over 100+ WordPress websites, published a book and now dedicates most of his time to his passion of helping other business owners.

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