The One Thing Book Review – One Year On

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Last year I purchased The One Thing on Audible.

I can’t remember if it was a recommendation or just one of those books you come across.

…I guess that doesn’t really matter now. What does matter is that once I started listening I couldn’t stop. I listened to the entire book in a couple of days.  Then I listened for a second time. Then again. And again. And again.

Within a couple months I must have listened to the book around half a dozen times.

Not because the concepts were difficult to understand, because I truly bought into the concept of… The One Thing.

I wanted to get the message into my subconscious as quickly as possible. Hence the repetition.

The book in many ways can be summed up in the asking of one question…

“What’s the one thing you can do, such that doing it, makes everything else easier or unnecessary?”

Whatever your answer, that’s the ONE THING you should focus on.

The book takes the Pareto Principle to the extreme. It suggests that we all have one thing that matters most at any given time.

And that if you line up your one things in a path toward your ultimate goal…

Then all you need do is work on your one thing, then the next one thing, then the next and the next.

There is of course a lot more to the book than that single question, but that’s what is at the core of it.

Now,  rather than a typical book review I wanted to do something different. I wanted to share the impact of the book 12 months on…

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12 Months Later…

The fact that I’m writing this blog post about this book says a lot in itself.

Think about it…how many books do you consume that just get lost into an abyss.

You take a few things away and hopefully they stick, but the book gets put on the shelf left to gather dust.

Not this book.

No, not the one thing. For me this book is one I listen to on a regular basis just to get the ideas drilled into my subconscious.

And they have. I use the question mentioned above, I focus on my one thing, I dedicate time to it daily, I line up my dominos…

I am living The One Thing ethos.

( Note – anytime I start feeling unproductive, lost, off course, negative, down on my plans etc… I put on the One Thing and go for a dog walk. Sometimes I listen to a chapter other times I listen all the way through )

There are few books that I can say have had and still have the same impact as this one. And it many ways I think it’s because of the simplicity of the idea.

One thing.

One thing worked on over and over which then lines up with future bigger tasks can enable you to do amazing things.

It keeps things simple.

And for me as an INFJ personality keeping things simple and having a process to follow, is just the sort of thing I love!

Here are some examples of how things changed over the past 12 months since listening to The One Thing…

Focus – I am so much more focused because I have a clear plan and know what areas I need to be working on.

Motivation – I feel far more motivated to do the day to day actions as I know they are linked to my long term goals.

Fewer Shiny Objects – I’ve found that I stay on course more than I’ve ever done because I know I’m doing what matters most and I can see how it’s helping me toward my goals.

Saved Time – Due to the above I know I saved myself countless hours on pointless activities and distractions.

Mindset – The one thing idea keeps things so simple, after all so long as you remember your one thing then you’re doing what matters most. This has helped reduce the pressure on me over the past 12 months.

Domino Effect – I’ve already seen the impact of lining things up in order and knocking them down. I built a Facebook Group to 1000 members, then 2000, then start a blog, social media and much more. But I did this all in order that one would help the other. Doing things in the right order has enabled me to get YVM to the point it is today.

Time Block – Over the past 3-4 months I’ve now time blocked a part of my day EVERY day to work on my one thing. This means that even on days when everything else goes wrong I will have taken some positive steps.

I can see and feel so much change in the way I’m running my business. I’ve achieved things in the past 12 months that I tried to in the previous 7 but for one reason or another never quite made happen.

And that is the magic of the one thing.

In one year, I did more than I achieved in seven.

The Impact The One Thing Will Have

What gets me really excited, is the impact the one thing will have in the future.

If in one year I did more than the previous seven…what could happen over the next 12 months, the next 5 years and over a life time.

This is where you can start to imagine those really big goals actually being possible.

That living the one thing concept day in day out makes what seems improbable something you can take a step towards today.

My vision of establishing YVMU while seems like a long way away, is something I can take a step towards today.

And when I do open YVMU, I know I’ll look back and know that this book played a key part in it.

I Invite You To Try The One Thing

Looking back even just 12 months reading The One Thing feels like a fork in the road. And being able to look back I can now say it was the right one.

Living the one thing ethos was a great move. Rather than doing the same as I had for years, I grabbed hold of this concept and ran with it…and the change speaks for itself.

Which is why I invite you to try the one thing…

Ask yourself that important question from The One Thing… “What’s The One Thing I Can, Such That Doing It, Will Make Everything Else Easier or Unnecessary?”

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