STOP Overcomplicating Your Marketing – 5 Principles To Follow

Do you struggle getting found online? Want to get your business out there? Need help getting customers attention?

Don’t worry you’re not alone…

The most common problem members of our YVM Small Business Community share is in one way or another related to marketing or sales.

Members tell us it’s confusing, scary, complicated and difficult to get right.

In a recent online training YVM ran we shared that marketing need not be complicated OR difficult and that by getting the basics right you WILL get results.

Today we’re going to share 5 of those principles with you…

#1 Be Consistent

The most common mistake we see small business owners make is inconsistency.

This happens at the platform level, in that you might only give a channel a few weeks or months to work and if it doesn’t you give up.

This happens at the business level, in that you get so busy you let your marketing slip.

The result is not good for your long term prospects.

It’s hard to build up a head of steam when you’re constantly changing direction and or letting up off the accelerator constantly.

Our advice…Keep it simple and keep at it.

Our suggestion…choose one core strategy for your business that you build up over the next 6 months. A podcast, email list, Instagram account whatever works for your business.

Build an audience on that platform, be consistent and then in time expand into additional areas.

For example with YVM, Paul spent 6 months solely focused on the YVM Facebook Group Community. This then made it easier to start on new strategies as he could transfer some of this audience over to the new one.

#2 Give More Value Than You Ask For

One of the most powerful and simplest strategies you can employ is over delivering…giving more value than you’re asking for.

That might be a free download that you could easily sell for £200, but all you ask for is an email address.

It could be adding that little extra gift into online orders that you know people will love.

If it’s a service, you’re offering add an extra element that clients didn’t ask for nor did you mention during the sales pitch.

Do something that offers people MORE than they would normally expect.

Do this for customers. Do this for clients you lose. Do this for networking connections. Do this as often as possible.

In time you’ll reap the benefits of this tried and true practice.

#3 Search For No’s

On the face of it, this statement might seem a bit odd – none of us want to hear a ‘no’ when we are trying to market our products or services!

And yet searching for No’s is a powerful strategy to employ. Here’s an example from behind the scenes at YVM…

Each month we run monthly guided tours of the Small Business Accelerator. We started these to show people around but it also gives us a chance to search for No’s.

Anyone who goes on the guided tour will either tell us directly yes or no…or by their actions they will be telling us. If they sign up fantastic, if they don’t then it’s a no.

At that point we can follow up with them and find out why it’s a no.

Start to look for the No’s you’re already getting and brainstorm some ways you can create YES or NO decision points for customers.

#4 Test & Learn (over & over)

This ties in neatly with the points we just made about searching out the ‘No’s’; learning why a prospect doesn’t convert to a sale will ultimately help you shape your offerings.

Equally, positive feedback will let you know what you are doing right enabling you to do more of it!

Never stop learning (a good adage to remember for life in general) there will always be a new strategy to explore, a new way of doing things to consider and new audiences to seek out and inform.

Test an idea. Look at what happened. Learn from it. Repeat over and over.

Note – this is Paul’s favourite strategy…He recently commented on it saying “It’s deceptively simple, yet so few people do it over and over. Some just give up too soon, many get some level of results and then stay there. Even when results are good always keep testing and learning. Never, ever sit on your laurels”.

#5 Get Clear On Your Goals (& be patient)

Tempting as it will be to rush in and go all gung ho with your marketing, you need to make sure it’s connected to your long term plans.

So often we see people doing marketing tactics just because it’s a fad, NOT because it makes sense for their goals.

Two people running the same business will likely have quite different goals, therefore, their marketing should be quite different too.

You need to connect your marketing strategy to your goals.

For example here at YVM, Paul has goals that are as far away as 10-20 years. This means he can do things quite differently because he knows he has time, he can play the long game…for example spending 6 months earning nothing but building the foundation for something far bigger.

Whereas someone who wants to…retire in say 5 years, will be doing things quite differently. They will be much more short term focused. In this example it might be much better to just partner with existing Facebook Group owners who already have an audience.

You need to match your strategies to your goals.

Don’t Give Up!

If you don’t see immediate results don’t get disheartened, keep working at your marketing & sales efforts and good things will happen.

You will have to change things. You will make mistakes. You will face disappointment. You will have doubts.

These are all totally normal.

If you have the resolve to work through these difficult moments, because they are just moments, then you give yourself the best chance of realising those amazing highs when it all pays off.


Post by YourVirtualMentors

Written by Laura Billingham | Edited by Paul Bassi | Based on Virtual Class by Paul Bassi.

The advice and lessons in this post were taken from the YVM Virtual Class: How To Generate More Attention & Income. You can access this virtual class recording as a member of the YVM Small Business Accelerator.

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