Quick Ways To Improve Your Facebook Page Marketing

For some time the reach of Facebook Pages has been going down.

While this can be disheartening…it’s by no means to think you shouldn’t be using your page.

Which is why Your Virtual Mentors are here with some quick ways to improve your Facebook page…


Anyone you work for, collaborate with, help out, meet with… tag them in your posts.

You can also encourage customers, clients and others to tag you too.

This tagging will help boost your reach and foster more engagement on your posts.

Dress to Impress

You have 3 seconds to impress visitors to your page.

Keep your branding consistent across all social media platforms and your website. Keep your banner design simple.

Give a clear message of who you are and what you do. Also consider how it will display on different devices.

Tell Your Story

Add to the story section of your page, see image below for where to find this…

Use this story section to give more background to your business.

You can also use it to keep your audience up to date by regularly updating it.

Plan, Plan, Plan

Add time for planning your social media posts into your work schedule.

It needn’t be a time-drain. Use a scheduling app or, wherever possible, schedule directly into Facebook.

You can actually save yourself up to 3 hours a week by doing all of your social media scheduling in one block of time.

And to make sure you’re being strategic with your marketing posts use our FREE marketing calendar…

Free Resource: Download the YVM Marketing Calendar

Find the Right Time to Post

Experiment to find which time of day works well for you and your customers.

Start testing different content at different times and look for consistent patterns in terms of engagement.

Your page has lots of stats available, start using them to help give your posts the best chance of getting seen.

Give Your Reach a Second Boost

When someone comments on your post, don’t reply straight away. Instead…

Reply some time later, and it will give your post another chance to get engagement especially if you’re comment encourages a reply.

It will bring it back onto people’s feeds for another chance to reach more people.

Invite Your Friends

Send invites to your Facebook friends to like your business page.

But make sure you’re building a relationship with them before asking for a like.

And be aware; Facebook limits the number of invites you can send each week.

Setup Auto-Reply to Messages

Set up automatic responses for when someone messages your page.

Your average response time is posted on your page, and auto-responders will improve that.

And you can give potential customers relevant information before you’re able to respond personally.

For more help with getting this setup view this Facebook help post.

Download the Pages Manager App

The Pages Manager app saves you going through Facebook, and possibly getting distracted by your feed.

Plus you can easily manage several pages at once.

Using New Features

Whenever Facebook brings out a new feature it’s a good idea to use it. When video first came in they were prioritised in the algorithm, now it’s Facebook Lives and the same will be true for the next feature.

When Facebook adds a new feature, use it.

…and there you go some quick ways to improve your Facebook Page marketing.

With a little thought and attention, Facebook pages can still really help your business.

Be engaging, and encourage visitors to interact. Experiment. Try new things. Be yourself and don’t be afraid to have a little fun with it.


Post by YourVirtualMentors

Written by Angeline Trevena | Edited by Paul Bassi | Based on Virtual Class by Samantha Cameron.

Post based on advice from a YVM Virtual Class… Facebook Pages Still Matter To Your Marketing. You can access this virtual class recording as a member of the YVM Small Business Accelerator.

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