Is Kajabi Still The Best Platform To Market, Sell & Deliver Online Content

Promoting, selling and delivering online content can be a challenge for even the tech savvy business owners out there.

Thankfully I’ve been using New Kajabi for 2+ years which has made it relatively pain free.

I signed up as a Founder on an annual plan. This means each year during November I have decision to make whether to continue with membership or not.

And so, at this time of year I always ask myself?

“Is Kajabi Still The Best Platform To Help YVM Market, Sell & Deliver Our Online Content?”

As transparency is a key value here at YVM, I wanted to share my thoughts on this question.

Note – I signed up to Kajabi as a Founder so do get it cheaper than the prices now advertised on their sites ( with the likes of Brendon Burchard using it I wanted to get in early )

Affiliate – YVM is an affiliate with Kajabi, meaning if you click any of the links and go onto sign up we may receive a commission.

What Is Kajabi?

For those of you that don’t know, Kajabi is an online tool that enables you to market, sell and deliver your content online.

You can create Landing Pages, Sales Pages, Optin Pages, Mini Free Products, Funnels, Courses, Membership Sites, Affiliate Portal and so much more.

It’s designed to be an all in one platform that enables you to do everything. No need for dozens of plugins, tools and endless time trying to get them all talking to one another.

Kajabi Decision…

I love Kajabi. It can do so much, but I’m always open to alternatives.

It would take a lot to get me to move system, but with my membership renewing annually it feels like only right to check I’m using the best tool for my needs.

This year I looked at two possible alternative solutions…. Thinkific & Clickfunnels.

I have used both of the above for clients but never for myself. I do like them both and they have good functionality.


On the face of it Thinkific looks very similar to Kajabi and in some aspects even better.

This year I decided I need to look beyond what the sales page showed. So, I signed up for a trial account.

I signed up easily and dove straight into building out a test course. I have to say it was pretty easy to get started, but quite quickly I realised Kajabi was still going to be the tool for YVM.

The layout and structure just didn’t seem to work well, things like not having descriptions for videos where you could include information / downloads seemed odd.

The design options felt very limited and definitely not as user friendly as Kajabi.

I kept playing around with it for a few days, but the more I did the more I knew Thinkific wasn’t going to get me switching.


I’ve never used ClickFunnels for my own businesses but have helped clients use it and heard lots of positive feedback from ClickFunnels users.

I signed up for a few of the videos and asked a couple of people plus reviewed various online discussions.

It again fell short in some key areas mainly around the membership side. Various users mentioned issues with things like having to remove members manually when they cancel and limited membership site options.

All in all I couldn’t find any compelling reason to look into switching any further. This is the outcome I expected but it’s always good to verify those gut feelings.

Kajabi Improvements

I have also seen some key improvements from Kajabi in areas such as their email marketing and funnels (pipelines as Kajabi calls them).

Both these areas from what I can see seem to be taking a lot of inspiration from ClickFunnels.

No system is perfect and Kajabi has lots of little things I’d like to see added, but for me it’s still the best option for YVM.

Over the next year we’re likely going to be doing more courses, memberships sites, landing pages, funnels, email marketing and that’s just getting started. All of this can be done within Kajabi.

So, I will as you can probably guess be renewing my Kajabi account for another year.

Don’t Judge Kajabi From The Outside

This sounds funny but as an affiliate I’d like to see them do a better job of marketing it.

Being on the inside I can see all that it does, but their website just doesn’t do it justice. Compare it to the Thinkific one you’d think Thinkific actually does more. Compare it to ClickFunnels and you’re going to be a lot more inspired by their marketing.

It’s why I always tell people to take their free trial. Don’t judge Kajabi from the outside.

Here are some of the free resources you can try out…

Weekly Webinar – On this weekly webinar we help them discover best practices to course creation & give a Kajabi walkthrough.

Kajabi Challenge – A training program designed to show you what you actually need to be doing in order to monetize their knowledge and make their first $1000

Kajabi Trial – If you just want to dive straight in click here to start a 14 day trial.

If you’re looking to stop trading time for money… Kajabi will help you market, sell and deliver your content online.


Review by Paul Bassi

Paul launched Your Virtual Mentors in 2017 to provide members of our communities with the advice, support and inspiration needed to succeed in business, at work and in life.

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