I’m Feeling Overwhelmed By My Business (& What To Do About It)

Are you feeling overwhelmed by your business?

Is it just getting too much to cope with?

Are those plates you’re spinning all about to come crashing down?

Let me be the first to say, this is NOT unusual for business owners.

You’re trying to do something incredibly difficult while keeping all the other plates in your life spinning.

If you only had your business to focus on that would be hard enough.

But add in everything else and the random timings that things happen, it’s inevitable that there are going to be times that it just gets too much.

Perhaps you’re not getting enough sleep, eating poorly, a parent has got ill, kids have more activities to go to all while your business enters a critical phase – it’s enough to overwhelm anyone.

The key though is to find a way through this temporary difficult phase.


That’s the key word there. It’s important to remember… This Too Shall Pass.

What you’re going through will pass.

I’ve got some key advice based on my experience and things you can do to help get you through this difficult period.

#1 Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself – Self Care

First, I always give myself a good old hug and bit of self care.

I tell myself… “You’re doing the best you can Paul and you’ll get through this.”

You’ve got to give yourself credit where it’s due and limit any damaging negative self talk.

I make sure to add reassurance, positivity and encouragement into my daily routine.

This is by simple things like…reminding myself of challenges I’ve overcome in the past, reading motivational posts, going back to a relevant book.

#2 Talk to someone and explain you’re overwhelmed.

Next, I share what’s going on with someone.

The feeling of sharing is amazing and can be a massive release to just say I’m not doing so good.

Ask someone who you know will be supportive, listen and who gets it.

No agenda, no having to find an answer…just talk about it and share what you’re going through.

If you don’t have someone please head over to our Free YVM Community and share a post about what you’re going through.

#3 Define Your Overwhelm & What Needs To Happen

From the above discussion I always get clearer on exactly what is overwhelming me.

To help navigate that path through I define what needs to happen.

What needs to happen for me to feel better, for things to look better?

I also define exactly what is overwhelming me.

Is it that I’ve got too much on my plate.

Is it that this mountain of a business goal just feels too far away.

By defining my overwhelm makes it a lot easier to tackle.

By this point I’m always feeling a lot better…

I’m not being so hard on myself and giving myself a break. I’ve had a good chat with someone about what’s going on. And I’ve got a plan of how to move forward.

Sometimes this can all happen within a few hours other times it takes a few days.

Through this process I’ve also notice a few things that always seem to help with overwhelm too…

More Tips On Dealing With Overwhelm

Find More Time – I always do a quick exercise reviewing how I’m spending my time. I brainstorm it all out and circle things that can be stopped entirely, outsourced, optimised or temporarily stopped

Let Balls Bounce – Some of the balls in your life are made of glass, they can’t be dropped otherwise they’ll shatter, while others will bounce. If you need to allow some of the balls to bounce while you get things sorted that’s OK. But make sure not to drop the glass ones.

Identify Triggers – I also look for things that trigger or add to my overwhelm. Comparing to others on Facebook. Seeing someone who says the wrong things. Try and reduce the things that trigger your overwhelm.

Accept Imperfection – I’m a recovering perfectionist, so often my overwhelm was because I was looking for perfect. I learned to embrace imperfection and that good was good enough.

Gratitude – This one was hard for me, but being grateful truly helped me get through some moments of overwhelm. Realising that yes I was in a difficult period but I had so much to be grateful for was very powerful.

Overwhelm isn’t fun, often illogical and can happen without warning.

I’ve shared lots of ideas above, don’t feel like you have to use them in the same way or the same order.

And please remember if you’re suffering from overwhelm and need some support from like minded people who get your situation…

Head over to our Free Facebook Group – share a post explaining your situation and you’ll get lots of support from our members.



Post by Paul Bassi

Paul is the Founder of YVM, facilitates the free help on offer and runs the YVM paid group.

He setup in business in 2010 as a freelance marketer, went onto build over 100+ WordPress websites, published a book and now dedicates most of his time to his passion of helping other business owners.

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