How YVM Is Getting Even More Attention Daily ( 2 x New Tools & Strategies )

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Generating leads, being found, getting known, promoting yourself…

These are some of the most commonly shared problems in the YVM Small Business Community.

It comes down to getting the attention of the right people.

And we have the same problem here at YVM as well.

We’re always looking at how we can keep the attention of our existing audience while at the same time adding to it.

In this post we want to share two tools and strategies we’re using here at YVM to do exactly that.

Here’s the new tools we’ve signed up for to enable us to implement these strategies:

#1 Group Funnels

#2 ManyChat

Here’s a quick overview of the tools…

Group Funnels allows us to capture email address from people joining our Facebook Groups. These then get added into MailChimp where people receive a 3 email onboarding series and then our weekly YVM Update email.

ManyChat builds a list of people on Facebook Messenger, they sign themselves up for updates or one of our free downloads. We then send them a weekly YVM Update message.

These tools allow us to share our free content regularly to build the relationship with our audience. Importantly it helps us to get more attention daily. Without these tools we wouldn’t have as many people reading our posts, revisiting our group or visiting the website so often.

Within a month of starting to use these tools we now have 150+ people signed up. The result is more attention daily from the lists we have already built, more importantly the lists continue to grow daily.

That’s the short version.

Try Group Funnels (for Facebook Group owners only)

Try ManyChat

Grow Your Email List With Facebook Groups

OK let’s be very honest here…and Paul would definitely agree with this…

We made a MASSIVE mistake not doing this sooner!

Let’s be very very clear about this…


It’s not often we’ll put a whole sentence in capitals, but this mistake was that big we felt it was deserved.

Look, we have a group of 2000+ people.

In the past month we’ve had around 100 new people join the community. Of those around half have been added by Paul (he always asks first btw)

Of those 50 who requested to join by filling out all the questions… 35 entered their email address…

That’s right…70% of people are signing up for our email updates.

Which is why it was such a big mistake not doing it from day 1…because by now we’d have email list of around 700 people!

About The Software… Group Funnels

This is a premium bit of software, but the time it saves and attention it can give it’s well worth the $29 per month we’re paying.

The software itself is a Chrome extension which you add as a plugin.

When you approve members to your Facebook Group the software then collects the data, this data is then pushed to a Google sheet.

From there you can manually import the email addresses into your email provider. Or you can use a final automation with Zapier to make that step happen automatically.

At that point you could setup an autoresponder so they get the freebie you offered. After that you can then email them as per usual, sticking to what you said you’d email them about in the filter question…

Note About GDPR – You might be wondering about this, the key is making sure you’re very clear in the filter question. Here’s the question we ask…

Enter your email to receive the YVM newsletter including updates, articles, events, gifts PLUS get the YVM Marketing Calendar ( opt out anytime )

Facebook Messenger Is The New Email!

With more than 1 Billion users Facebook Messenger is a massive opportunity for marketers.

You know how your email list gets 30-40% open rates on a good day? And only 2-5% click through rate?

Things are a bit different with Facebook Messenger. Open rates are much higher, click through rates are higher too.

Our first broadcast via FB Messenger had 93.65% open rate! Only 5 people out of 64 didn’t open it.

As we start to test out different ways of sending messages we’ve had click through rates at 10% which is easily twice as good as our email rate.

And we’re just learning how to best use it, so those click through rates can easily go higher.

About The Software… ManyChat

To enable YVM to build our Messenger list and send messages we use ManyChat, free up to 1000 subscribers.

Once you get into the software it’s just like email marketing software such as MailChimp.

The setup of the messages are slightly different and what you can do varies, but on the whole it’s very similar.

YVM wants to say a massive thank you to Paul Ace who introduced us to ManyChat and gave us the push to start using it.

Click here to watch the free session run by Paul Ace on Facebook Messenger Bots.

What’s The ROI Over The Next 24 Months?

While we love sharing what we’re doing behind the scenes at YVM we always want these updates to add lots of value.

So, we’re going to end by getting you to think about the above question for your business.

Whether it’s marketing or business development or product development it’s often all too easy to get focused on the short term.

As Your Virtual Mentors we know the key the helping you see big changes in your business is to get you to shift that focus from short term to long term.

You can do this by asking… what’s the ROI of [insert any action here] over the next 24 months?

What this does is gets you focusing on things that will bring you long term value and help you grow your business…rather than short term gains which all too often keep you where you are.

For example it could be all too easy to say why bother starting an email list now. We only have 20 people signed up. And when you look at the short term yes you can see the returns might not be that great…

But if you keep going over 6 months, 12 months, 24 months…then you look at the effort needed now and the ROI is totally worth it.

Whether it’s using software like we’ve mentioned above or something else in your business, start to focus on the ROI of your actions over the longer term.

It will help you.


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Want to see the YVM Facebook Messenger in action? Click here to download our marketing calendar template. You’ll get value from the free download and see how the Facebook Messenger bot works too.

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