Are You Burnt Out? Take This Quiz To Find Out

Are you feeling anxious or depressed? Do you find yourself snapping at loved ones?

Do you have frequent mood changes? Do you have physical symptoms of stress, such as headaches, dizziness, or high blood pressure?

Are you suffering insomnia, even when you feel tired? Do you find yourself making mistakes, or having accidents?

If so you may well be suffering from burnout.

There are certain types of people who tend to be more at risk of burnout. Perfectionists, high achievers, those with imposter syndrome, people pleasers, empaths like healers / coaches and ofcourse business owners / entrepreneurs.

Below we’ve got a quiz to help you first see whether you are burnt out, if you are how bad it is and some advice to help you take some positive action.

Score yourself 1 point for each question you can answer ‘yes’ to.

  • Do you frequently get overwhelmed or anxious?
  • Do you often feel a deep exhaustion?
  • Do you have difficulty saying no to people?
  • Do you wake up feeling tired?
  • Do you find that you’re using coffee or other stimulants to get through the day?
  • Do you have difficulty sleeping?
  • Do you find yourself snapping at loved ones?
  • Do you give the answer ‘busy’ when people ask how you are?
  • Do people offload their problems onto you?
  • Would you call yourself a perfectionist?
  • Do you like to take control?
  • Do you believe you have to work hard?
  • Do you ever feel like you just have nothing left to give?
  • Do you absorb other people’s stresses, emotions, and symptoms?
  • Do you have frequent negative thoughts?
  • Do you pride yourself on your multitasking abilities?
  • Do you check social media more than once an hour?
  • Do you find that you have little time to exercise?
  • Do you find that you stop eating healthily when you’re busy?
  • Do you get straight into work rather than starting each day with a morning routine?
  • Do you have your electronic devices in your bedroom with you?
  • Would you often do less than 10k steps a day?
  • Do you find you have difficulty shutting down your mind?
  • Would you say that you like achieving?
  • Do you feel that you’re not good enough to do what you do?
  • Would you say that you’re currently spinning lots of plates?
  • Do you struggle to focus?
  • Do you question if you’re on the right path?

5-10 – You could be in the early stages in burnout, but you are less likely to get to a state of total burnout.

11-20 – You are more likely to experience burnout, but you can stop it from progressing further by following the tips below.

20+ – You have a strong tendency to burnout, and may already be struggling. It is time to make some changes.

Small changes can have a massive impact on your score for this quiz. Here are some simple tips to help lower your score…

Be self aware. Start to notice your feelings, thoughts and actions. Taking the above quiz is a great way to start becoming more self aware. Notice when you snap, when you make mistakes, when you get overwhelmed. Maybe start to journal about it and just notice the impact.

Model your behaviour on someone who has things more under control. Look at their reactions, narrative, habits, and belief structure…where relevant for you then try to bring these into your life.

Do a time audit. What and who sucks your time? What are you filling your time with when you’re putting off tasks? What can you cut out of your life? Create a not-to-do list.

If you have to be busy, be busy with self care. View it as an important part of your business. After all, your business will suffer without it. Do you take at least one day off a week? Do you have a break every day? Do you book more time off after a particularly busy period?

Commit to doing at least one relaxing activity every day. But, stay away from your mobile phone and social media. Have a bath, take a walk, read a book, or do something creative.

Try to connect with what is really important. So often we overwhelm ourselves with the unimportant or the less important things, getting very clear on what matters most can help you identify where your priorities need to lie.

And the final few thoughts…

Don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to change everything, start with one thing.

Maybe you try one of the tips above, or maybe the quiz got you thinking about what actions you could change.

This isn’t about doing something once and it’s done. It’s an ongoing thing.

As they say, it’s a marathon not a sprint.

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