How Do I Get Comfortable Doing Video Marketing

I’m a shy guy who avoids the spotlight. Being the centre of attention on a video is definitely something that is outside my comfort zone.

Doing video for YVM matters though. Whether it’s promoting an offer who to build connection or just the best way to deliver some training I have to go on camera regularly.

So I do it. And you know what, I genuinely do enjoy it.

I have learned to embrace the discomfort and turn it to my advantage. You can do the same.

This change didn’t happen over night and there were a lot of ‘experiences’ along the way that I learned from. The key thing I want to say before I share one of those ‘experiences’ is this…

There’s just no getting away from the fact that to get your business out there online, video is going to play an important part.

Yes it will be outside your comfort zone, yes you’ll make mistakes and yes you’ll be nervous in the run up to it.

Like me though, you’ll get through it, learn from it and see the benefits of doing video marketing – which let’s face it, is what you’re really after.

My Backwards Video Moment On Twitter

I went live on Twitter around 3 years ago. I was using my phones front camera, on the camera everything was reversed including the writing on my white board. I panicked and quickly set about writing everything in reverse on my white board. It was a few headings so didn’t take too long.

I then went live with everything looking great on my camera. Only for a short way into my live for someone to say that the writing was backwards???!!! What?! I was so confused. I felt so silly. I was really embarrassed.

It turns out despite it looking reversed on the camera, Twitter showed it normally. I had to stick with the live trying to laugh it off but I was dying inside.

I got through it and just put my head in my hands and felt so silly. What would people think? I’m never doing that again I said to myself. I feel a fool. Made worse when someone I knew actually laughed at me at a point that I was feeling particularly embarrassed.

One person made a joke of it, but that was it. A moment where I thought all my worst fears and worries would be realised and only one person said anything.

This wasn’t an enjoyable experience for me but it did help me.

So that’s one of my ‘experiences’ with video, there are many more but I’ll get to some actionable things that really helped me get more comfortable on video….

Watching Others & Realising We All Make Mistakes

One of my big revelations was watching other people and realising they’re not perfect.

And no one cares. They still get hundreds of people listening.

They lose their train of thought, they say stuff wrong, they make faux pas, they have stuff go wrong…but still no one cares.

I also realised that they let their personality shine through.

Actually Getting On Video NOT Just Practicing Infront Of A Mirror

Practicing is great but it will only get you so far.

The more you can get on camera and doing video the better off you’ll be.

You’ll learn. You’ll make mistakes. You’ll think of ways to do it better. You’ll get used to the tech. You’ll see you can do it.

But only if you actually do it.

Not Watching Recordings Of My Videos

As a general rule I don’t watch my recordings back.

The only exception is when I want to analyse / learn what I could do better and I don’t do this very often.

Generally I find if you do something ‘wrong’ or less than ideal you’ll remember it. And next time you’ll be less likely to do it.

And in fact the chances are you won’t do anything wrong, instead you’ll just notice little things you could improve on.

Which is why doing video is key to getting better at them.

( Thank you to YVM LinkedIn Mentor Helen Pritchard for this tip )

Planning Content Ahead of Time

I’m not one for winging an entire video session be it a two minute or one hour session.

So I plan it. I used to go into too much detail but now I have a simple formula.

Plan the intro. List all the key points. List any key things to mention e.g promotion. Outline my ending.

For training I often have slides more as reminders and key points to jog my memory.

That’s what works for me. It means I generally know how to start / end and have a good grasp on the middle.

Again do what works for you. When I first started video I did a lot more planning, but in time it got less and less as I realised I never really stuck to script in the middle anyway.

Don’t Worry About How It Looks

You’re going to feel awkward and weird about looking at yourself anyway, don’t get too hung up on how things look – especially when you first start doing video.

Remember, while appearances might influence some people…what you have to say is what really counts.

I’ve got massive value from people who have looked ready for a big date through to someone in their PJ’s sat at their kitchen table sharing some insights.

Focus on delivering value and doing video. All the other style and look elements can come later if you want them to.

Reduce Discomfort But Don’t Try Eliminate It

If like me you’re uncomfortable being on camera, I have some bad news for you. You probably always will have some level of discomfort.

And that’s Okay. You’ve got some actionable steps above to reduce it to a point where you can go live on Facebook or record that video in public or make a sales pitch video for example.

The key is that you start using video. It’s only going to get more and more important for your business, so the sooner you start the better you’ll feel about it all.

Now, once you get more used to being on camera and the technical side of things you’re going to want to deliver some great content and or promote stuff.

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Post by Paul Bassi

Paul is the Founder of YVM, facilitates the free help on offer, runs the paid group and also builds WordPress Websites in a day (£300).

He setup in business in 2010 as a freelance marketer, went onto build over 100+ WordPress websites, published a book and now dedicates most of his time to his passion of helping other business owners.

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