Get More Raving Fans On Instagram With This Simple Strategy

Instagram is great for story telling and has the potential to grow a business, build a personal brand and get attention for anyone who gets their strategy right.

It’s popularity is continuing to increase and is certainly having its moment in the social media spotlight.

If you can combine some story telling skills, visual design work and well thought out themes, Instagram can get you raving fans who will buy from you.

But – with such a huge volume of people out there shouting for Instagram users attention, how do you make yourself heard?

Here’s a simple strategy shared from YVM Mentor Yvonne Radley of Big Me Up Media….

‘Themes’ aka ‘What You And Your Brand Stands For’

The strategy is simple, it’s to weave specific themes into your posts.

A theme is a topic which you regularly post about.

Themes could be a sports team you love or cooking or handbags or holidays or your pet or…just about anything that you regularly post about.

A social media trainer for example might have the following themes…

High Heel Shoes, Gin, Park Runs, Business Books and Bath Rugby.

While these themes might seem a bit at odds with social media they are what make this person and their Instagram account unique.

You can weave these themes into your posts while still also sharing social media and business related content.

For example share the latest paid of shoes that you’re wearing for that really important client meeting.

Having these themes will instantly attract people who like the same themes.

If for example someone was looking for some social media training and also was a Bath Rugby club fan then there’s that instant connection.

These themes are what will turn followers into fans. They’ll connect on a far deeper level because of your themes.

We suggest having 5 key themes that run through your account.


Once you’ve got your themes clear, you can also think about your ‘sub-themes’.

E.g. if your theme is your Pet, sub-themes could be their furry friends, pet clothing, pet food, their favourite toy etc.

If you were a ‘fashionista’ your themes could include clothes that are hot right now, fashion icons, upcoming trends and look-alike bargains.

All of your ‘sub-themes’ will build up your story but still focusing on those five main themes.

Having this structure of themes and sub themes will help you get creative in a strategic and focused way. Be careful though as you need to…

Stick To Your Themes

When we have so many great things and talents to offer the world, it’s easy to fall into the trap of trying to ‘please everyone’.

You may well have lots to offer but it’s vital to find your ‘niche’, find your 5 themes, pick your brands’ colours and stick to them.

We like to call it ‘Staying in your lane’…

If for example an account you love suddenly starts posting random out of the blue stuff, it’s likely you’ll swipe past these. If more random posts keep happening your raving fan status might turn to just a fan. Then if it keeps going with the random posts…the possible Unfollow!

Those at the top of the Instagram wave are there because they stick to their Themes, they stick to their Story.

You can do the same…

Brainstorm some theme ideas, play around with what might make your account different and start posting.

Explore with some different themes but get down to a core 5 you focus on.

Be consistent, stick to your lane and in time those followers will turn into raving fans.


Post by YourVirtualMentors

Based on Virtual Class by Yvonne Radley – Here’s some more value from Yvonne… Get the Big Me Up Media 2019 Social Planner.

Written by Mandy Ward – Mandy is a  HR Consultant, Coach and Trainer. Connect on LinkedIn.

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