Discover The 7 Key Elements To Creating A Brand Story That Works

Storytelling is older than language itself.

Since humans first drew on their cave walls, they’ve been telling stories. And enjoying them.

It’s why we read books, go to the cinema or binge-watch shows on Netflix.

People connect with stories. With the people in those stories. With the way those stories make them feel.

Storytelling is becoming an ever more important thing for businesses to get right in order to get noticed.

People don’t buy for the features, they buy for the result. For how it’s going to make them feel. For how it’s going to improve their lives.

The market is becoming a busier place, and with social media, the world is getting really noisy.

Your brands story can make you stand out from the competition. It can get you noticed. But only when you get it right.

Forbes Magazine calls storytelling the “new strategic imperative of business”. More and more brands are turning to storytelling to connect with their customers.

People buy from people. And they want to buy from people they know, like, and trust.

Brands use storytelling to inspire. To stimulate emotion. To truly connect.

Every brand needs a story, and here at YVM with the help of Story Telling Expert Susan Payton we’ve got the outline you need to follow.

Here are seven steps to create your brand story…a story that connects with your ideal customer.

Step 1: Know Your Hero

Your ideal customer is on a journey. They are your hero. And, like every good hero, they are looking to be transformed. They have a problem. And you have the solution.

Research your ideal customer. Meet them where they are right now. If they see that you know them, and understand them, they will trust you.

Step 2: Know Where They Want to Go

What is  your heroes goal? Where are they wanting to get to? What’s stopping them from achieving getting there?

Speak to your customers, and ask them: what are they trying to achieve? what is their biggest problem in achieving it?

Step 3: Enter the Guide

Your role in the brand story is the guide. You’re there to help the hero get to where they want to go.

You’re NOT the main character in this story. You’re here to help the hero, nothing more.

Step 4: Have a Plan

Show your customers that there is a plan, a map or a route to their goal.

They want to be reassured that you can offer a tried and tested method.

Step 5: Paint the Picture of Success

Show your customers what it will look like when they achieve their goal.

Where they’ll be. How they’ll feel.

Step 6: Give Them a Reason To Take Action

Remind your hero what’s at stake. What happens if they don’t take action.

Remind them of why they’re doing this, and their reasons for wanting change.

Step 7: Show Them the Next Step

Tell them what they need to do now. Give them an easy, simple call to action.

Take some time to think about these points in relation to your brand. Think about your hero, who they are, and where they want to go.

If you’re struggling to find your brand’s story, or think your brand might not even have one, have a look at the examples around you.

Coca Cola doesn’t tell you about their ingredients, or how they make it fizzy. They show you stories of long summer days with friends. Happiness, fun, relaxation.

Nike doesn’t tell you how their soles are produced, or how their shoes are stitched together. They tell you to ‘Just Do It’, that everyone can be an athlete.

Top Tip – You don’t need to hit these seven points in a single block paragraph of text. Similarly your brand story shouldn’t be an epic novel. You can spread these elements across your website for example, meeting those points in short, punchy, eye-catching ways.

When you get your brand story right, you’ll be connecting on a deep level with your ideal customers. Inspiring them, building trust, and bringing them into your brand.

And with the above structure and tips you have everything you need to start putting together an amazing brand story.

Want to see one in action? Look no further than Susan Payton’s website


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Based on Virtual Class by Susan Payton  |  Written by Angeline Trevena

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