Your Long Term Success Lies In Doing Less, Not More

Jun 03, 2019

I always believed that my success was linked to doing more.

More hours at the laptop, more meetings, more strategies, more more more.

And while in the short term that will bring some positive returns, in the long run that focus on just doing more and more is a losing strategy.

It took me roughly 7 years to fully understand that; and by the end of this post my aim is to help you realise it too.

Let's go back to the start of my journey...

I started my business in 2010. I was an eager 25 year old not really knowing what he was doing but excited about the journey ahead.

I figured, I'd just work really hard until I made it. So that's what I did. I worked long hours during the week, some evenings and weekends too.

I was determined that I would force success to come my way through sheer amount of effort.

The result? Some success. Don't get me wrong, doing more and putting a lot of effort in created some positive returns. But boy was it a whole lot of work for not a lot.

I was trying this strategy then that strategy then another and another and another. I was endlessly trying new things and just adding to my to do list.

This focus on just adding more and pushing harder couldn't keep going. It caused numerous health issues. Tiredness, stress, anxiety, overwhelm and much more.

I couldn't take a break, I couldn't take time off I just needed to keep going because I believed that doing more was the answer to my problems.

Eventually I realised what I was doing. I was pushing so hard in so many areas my efforts were spread too thin. Nothing was being given a chance to work as it wasn't given time nor enough focus to work.

But I didn't know any better so I kept going.

I tried email list building then blogging then social media never really giving them the attention they needed to create the results I wanted. Even when I did stick with them my efforts were spread so thin the impact was still minimal.

This went on for 7 years. I was on a loop, destined to have just enough success but at the same time the level of success I wanted was never getting closer.

I'm pretty confident to say that I believe this situation would have kept going unless I didn't happen upon a single book...

...which definitely changed my life. It's called The One Thing. It's all about focusing on doing less not more. Doing the vital few things that matter most.

I listened to the book 3 or 4 times and within 6 months my approach completely changed. First thing I did was to take time out of my business to plan what really mattered.

I then figured out where I wanted to get to, reverse engineered the process and determined what the most important thing I could do was.

That one thing was to build a Facebook Group of 1000 people. Which I did in just under 6 months. I'd never built an audience of this size before. It showed this idea of focusing on less really can create more.

Better yet I was building the foundation of something much bigger. I was taking the first step which would lead me to achieving things I never thought possible.

Even better still things felt easier. My efforts were focused like never before and I could see actual real progress being made. I built an amazing Facebook Group of 1000+ people which would form the foundation of everything you see here at YVM.

I continue these practices to this day.

I always have one thing that matters most.

I always focus on doing the few things that matter most.

I continue to train my mind that less is more.

I continue to make faster progress than ever before.

Now, to help you even more I want to highlight the key takeaways from my story...

Consistent Sustained Effort Is What Really Matters

Real success requires effort, you know that. But the key is consistent and sustained effort over time.

It's not about how much you work on any given day, it's about how many days you can repeatedly work on something.

Success as you are imagining it comes over time. Focus on the long game, it is a marathon not a sprint, be the tortoise not the hare when it comes to your effort.

Focus On What Matters Most By Lining Up Your Dominos

This was the game changer for me. When you line up your dominos by reverse engineering the goal you have in mind, things get so much easier.

No more going left, going right, back tracking, starting again - you simply take on the next task with consistent effort until it's done.

In time you can knock over bigger and bigger dominos.

(full credit to the book The One Thing for this)

Take Time To Put Your Head Above The Trees

I only made these key changes when I took time out of my business and to work on it.

I took time to review what was going on, where I'd been going wrong, what I should do next and much more.

It was by taking several steps back that I was able to figure all this stuff out. Had I not I might have read The One Thing and just put it on my bookshelf like so often happens with books.

Focus On The Few Things That Matter Most

Are you doing too much?

What one thing would have the biggest impact on your business and life?

Which one thing matters most?

Take some time to give it some thought. Brainstorm ideas, then choose one. Then commit to taking sustained effort to make it happen.

The results will amaze you.

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