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Mar 28, 2019

Hello! And welcome to the NEW Your Virtual Mentors website!

It's Paul Bassi, Founder of Your Virtual Mentors here...and I'm super excited to be sharing our completely new website with you.

This new site is going to enable us to provide you with easier access to the growing range of free help we make available including Downloads, Blogs and Webinars.

Not sure where to start? I suggest trying one of our brand new resources...

For the secrets to creating a profitable business you love CLICK HERE.

If you need to start attracting more clients CLICK HERE.

Or if you just never seem to have enough time CLICK HERE.

If you need helping with online marketing CLICK HERE.

For the secrets to living a more meaningful joy filled life CLICK HERE.

If you're stuck, lost and need a plan CLICK HERE.

Or if you're feeling burnt out or overwhelmed CLICK HERE.

Now, I'm sure those resources will keep you busy - but we also have a range of ongoing resources you can access each week as well...

Blog - Every Monday we share a new post helping you with a specific aspect of business or life.

Podcast - Tune in a couple times a week to listen to YVM content on the go via our Podcast.

Webinars - Each month we run three training webinars you can watch live for free.

#11amCB - Around May time I will be doing a weekly interview a member about their area of expertise or get them to share an inspiring story.

Facebook Group - Join 2400+ like minded business owners creating businesses they love and enjoy life to the full. Click here to join.

And there you have it folks - bags and bags of free help you can access right now. Check out those links above and start moving towards those goals you're working on in your business and that ideal life you want.

Redeveloping The YVM Website

One of my core values is that of transparency. I love sharing my journey as a way to advise, support and inspire others. Which is why you will see moving forward various posts, blogs and resources that give you insights into the behind the scenes of YVM.

With that in mind lets take a look at this big development here at YVM.

Moving Away From WordPress

The big change with this website redevelopment is moving from WordPress over to Kajabi. This is something I have thought about previously but always just put off because I was unsure.

What changed you ask?

I wanted to turn the YVM website into a much more content focused automated machine. This means regular blogs, free downloads, landing pages, optins, enabling webinar sign ups and much more.

Kajabi makes all this stuff easy and simple. It also has very advanced automation features which I am yet to fully explore still, these will again allow YVM to help it's growing community even better moving forward.

The other reason for the change was that I wanted to stop myself procrastinating with the design and look of the site. I've come to realise that someone who can build websites I often waste a lot of time getting caught up in design elements that make little difference.

Moving to Kajabi removes much of this as the pages look great instantly and the design takes care of itself. The result means I am focusing more on the content delivery systems we're creating such as the blog, podcast, resources, webinars etc which I know will actually help people like yourself.

The process of moving the site has taken roughly three weeks. I did the bulk of the work over a single weekend. I then over the following two weeks started to create the various funnels, systems and pages that formed the site.

As of publishing the site is about half finished. I have a long list of improvements to make to existing pages and have another list of new pages to create. But as I have learned a website is never finished and there is always further improvements that can be made.

I'm very pleased with the direction the site is going and can clearly see how it is going to enable YVM to help people at scale.

Adding Even More Value to the YVM Community

This update marks the start of a refocusing of efforts on delivering high quality valuable content to the YVM Community (even more than we have done before).

YVM moving forward will also start to focus on helping businesses in other areas of their lives as well. Previously we had touched on aspects outside of business, from now on their will be a greater focus on these aspects as well.

All in all it's a very exciting time here at YVM and are exciting steps towards my vision for YVM.

In case you don't know what that vision is - I want to establish a physical version of YVM called... YVMU. It will be a place of learning, training, coaching and mentoring for our very special community.

Thank you for reading this, if you have any questions please do head over to the YVM Community and start a new discussion.

And thank you for being a member of the YVM Community,

Paul Bassi

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