Do You Want To Achieve Your Business Goals Faster & Easier?

May 06, 2019


I'm going to presume that's your answer. After all who wouldn't right?!

And today I want to tell you about how we here at YVM can help you do exactly that. Now, this isn't something you can access for free.

But it's so cost effective and packed full of value I really encourage you to keep reading...

It's our group coaching programme for business owners. It's called the YVM Small Business Accelerator...because we help people accelerate their goals.

Does this sound like you...

  • Maybe you feel like you're going round in circles doing everything you can to make you're business work, but no matter what you still don't see the results you want...
  • Maybe you're struggling to make enough money or attract enough customers...
  • Maybe you know you need to spend more time working on your business but you're overwhelmed already without adding more to your list of things to do...
  • Maybe you've lost your confidence - people around you don't get it and you're desperate for some actionable help to make positive changes
  • Maybe you're fed up with making mistakes, missing opportunities or falling behind due to a lack of knowledge or skills in key areas of your business.
  • Maybe You're Winging It & Just Hoping That Your Work Pays Off Sooner Rather Than Later

If any of those statements are resonating all feeling a bit too familiar then the SBA programme we run at YVM is for you.

The doors open today!

Click here to view the full details.

Or if you need a little more convincing to check it out keep reading...

11 Reasons To Join The SBA...

Expert Training - Access our growing vault of webinar training, templates, roadmaps and full YVM archive - improve your skills and fill those gaps in knowledge.

Marketing Reviews - Each month I invite you to share an element of your marketing for review. Get tips, fix errors and keep up to date with best practices.

Get More Done - With our accountability group and sessions you'll be kept on track, focused and getting more important work done in your business.

Answers - You know all those questions you don't know who to ask about...you'll have a safe space to ask anything you need.

Support - This creating a successful business thing is tough right? Make it easier and more enjoyable by having a supportive team of people helping you along the way.

My Insights - I share even more with SBA members. Book suggestions, lessons I learn, what works for me and things I learn from my own training too.

I'll Be Your Guide - This is your journey, wherever you want to get to I'll be there to help guide you on that path. Let's get you there together.

Learn From Others - Get help from other members, learn from their experience and access the knowledge of the various guests / mentors I invite to contribute to the group.

Confidence & Belief - As a member you'll start building these back up making the right moves, better decisions, making progress and much more.

Meetups - Join us at our small intimate meetups that take place at various locations across the UK.

Bonus Course - When you join the SBA you will get access to our Business Accelerator course (worth £75)

There's dozens more reasons for joining the SBA but if you've got this far I'd suggest checking out the sales page via the link below.

Click here to view the full details.

Not Making Enough Money From Your Business?

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