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Apr 15, 2019

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I used to really dislike reading at school. Like really dislike it...

I can remember sitting in class staring at an open book for an hour occasionally flicking the pages.

It wasn't of interest to me, I didn't see the point.

And yet now I read daily.

Now I love reading.

What changed? Being able to choose what I read.

Whether it's a paperback book or a blog or a PDF I make sure to learn something new every single day.

Everything I read adds something, makes me think, opens up ideas and challenges me in one way or another.

And yet, when I look back there are a handful of books which I can definitively say had a significant impact upon me compared to others.

And today I want to introduce them to you.

The One Thing

This book simplified things for me and helped me really get YVM going. Initially I was overwhelmed with the mammoth vision I had.

After reading this book though things got clear. I had one thing to do. I set out doing it and the rest is history as they say.

This book also helped me develop a planning process which I use to this day for myself and with clients. A simple process which helps get people focused and making real progress without feelings of overwhelm.

If I had to choose just one book for everyone to read, for me, this would be it.

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The Emyth

On the face of it this book might seem like it's going to just bust a few myths about being in business. But it does so much more too.

One of the most common mistakes I see (and have made) is that of simply winging it in business. Working hard, trying to grow, do great work ofcourse - but not really know what you're trying to build.

Do you want to build an agency with multiple offices?

Do you want to stay freelance and travel the world?

Without knowing the business you want to build, you risk putting a lot of effort into creating something you ultimately don't want.

Which is why the Emyth gets you mapping out the vision you have for you business.

I've done this with YVM and I can honestly say it's so refreshing. It enables you to focus on your journey, your goals and your destination. Everything else might be nice but if it's not what you want to create then it can be ignored.

Without this I know YVM would even in this short time have taken a different course than it has. A course that wouldn't have been of my choosing or vision of what I wanted to create.

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The 4 Money Mindsets

I have had the pleasure of knowing Karen Sutton-Johal for a few years now. We crossed paths just as she was finishing off her book.

I was delighted when asked to share my thoughts on the draft copy. If only I'd known then what impact would have one me.

This book doesn't try make you rich, it doesn't try save you money, it doesn't tell you some way to reduce your spending... it goes deeper than this.

Whereas so many other money books try give your a short term quick fix, this book is looking to help you understand your money mindset and change it should you choose to.

Money mindset??? This is what will ultimately determine your long term wealth. Ever seen lottery winners go broke? Professional athletes earning millions declare bankruptcy?

It's all because of their money mindset. In this book Karen will help you determine your money mindset and then help you change it to one of your choosing.

If the amount of money you have never changes no matter what you do, get this book, it will open your eyes to the reasons why.

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The 12 Week Year

Want to get more done in 12 weeks than you used to in a year?

Want to systematically move towards your goals week in week out?

That is the aim of the 12 week year or 90 day planning as I prefer to call it.

Rather than setting goals for a year, shorten the period to 12 weeks.

This is a great way of planning your time. The ultimate result is that every single day you know what key tasks you need to be completing. Each day you will be making progress towards your goals.

Do this day after day, week after week, quarter after quarter... and you'll be amazing how much you can achieve.

I love planning and being organised, but this book gave me a clear structure and process to follow. I'm a big 90 day planning fan and can't recommend it enough.

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The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck

For the final recommendation this is a personal favourite of mine as it completely liberated me to do exactly what I wanted when I wanted.

All my life I've done what has been expected of me or what I thought was expected or what I thought would get people to like me.

I cared so much about what others thought I lost who I was and what really mattered to me. This book changed that.

It made me think differently and got me to focus on what I cared about and nothing else. This isn't about being this completely selfish person. It's about realising you can't live your life for others.

I've listened to it more than 4 or 5 times as the messages included are so powerful I never want to forget them.

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And that concludes my top 5 book recommendations.

If you have any questions about any of these books please head over to the YVM Community and start a new discussion.

Post By Paul Bassi

Paul is the Founder of YVM. His areas of expertise are Planning & Marketing. He runs the premium programmes we have available, creates content for YVM and oversees all the free help we make available.

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