Are You Ready To Start Living Your Ideal Life Today? Here's How.

May 20, 2019

Do you dream of moving house? Opening that business? Spending more time with family? Traveling abroad?

Whatever you want to do, see or have is possible. You can live your version of an ideal life. But you don't have to wait years or even months.

You can start living your ideal life from today onwards.

You don't need to win the lottery. Or get a windfall. Or be saved by someone.

You have everything within you right now to start living a fuller more joy filled life.

Here's how...

#1 Define Your Ideal Life & Take Action Towards It

First you must define what your ideal life looks like.

Pick a date in the future and brainstorm out what your life would look like at that time. Get detailed and cover all aspects of your life.

From finances to health to fun to giving anything you can see as being part of an ideal life put it down in your brainstorm.

Give yourself some time to ponder over what this ideal life looks like. Think of lots of ideas, be selfish, really go big and see what comes up. Go through this process until you can look at your list, vision board or brain dump and think WOW that really would be the most amazing life I could live.

Once you've done that it's time to take action. And this is where objections will come up. I couldn't possibly do that! It's easy for them because...! I don't have the money! I have too many commitments.

The key here is to take action. To commit to action. Choose one thing to work on. The single action, task or habit that would have the biggest impact on moving you toward your ideal life.

Commit to making this a priority in your life. Once done choose the next most important thing, then the next and the next.

Now you know what an ideal life looks like and you're moving towards it, there's probably one key element you missed.

It's something that is a foundational element of anyone living an ideal life, dream life, level 10 life whatever you call it.

It's this...

#2 Gratitude For Where You Are Right Now

Everyone who is living an ideal life has a massive appreciation and gratitude for everything they already have.

Yes, they have a vision of more, want to better themselves and have goals.

BUT, they also have an abundance of gratitude for everything already in their life.

It's why you can see people who on the face of it look like they're living an ideal life a dream life that you might envy. But internally they are struggling, unhappy and not feeling like it's an ideal life because they're always living in the future. They can't appreciate all that they have right now.

They say I'll be happy when X happens. Or I'll finally get excited when I make X amount of money. Or I'll finally feel like I belong when X happens.

Without being grateful and accepting where you are whether you're broke or a millionaire you won't be able to live an ideal life.

Build gratitude and acceptance for where you are and what you have - and you will become happier, more content and excited about your life without changing any of your external situations.

Get Creative - How I Travel & Live In Style On A Budget

One aspect of my ideal life is to travel, stay in really nice places, be by the sea regularly, see friends, meet like minded people and experience new things.

On the face of it that sounds like quite a lot to ask and something that would be quite costly. And yet I'm doing exactly that for a fraction of the cost. All I really pay for is travel.

I stay in beautiful houses. I get to go for lots of walks along the beach. I see friends across the country when traveling. I stay with the most amazing friends and family regularly. All while I continue to build YVM.

How do I do it? I got creative. I chose to decided to house & pet sit for people across the UK (and who knows maybe across the world one day). Rather than charge I've built great relationships with the home owners and am never short of requests which means I can pick and choose based on my travel / life plans at the time.

Rather than saying I'll do that one day when I can afford to pay for places to stay, I got creative and came up with a simple solution.

This was the ideal solution for me. I can move around, meet new people, see friends, visit family, meet YVM members, stay in AMAZING houses and just pay for travel.

Start Living Your Ideal Life Today

You too can start experiencing parts of your ideal life today.

First you define it.

Then commit to take action to move toward it.

Then take a step back and become grateful for what you already have.

Do this and you too will be taking what I call the Ideal Life Challenge.

The ongoing pursuit of an ideal life (which is always evolving) while at the same time being massively grateful for where you are right now.

When you do these two extremes you too will be living An Ideal Life.



Post By Paul Bassi

Paul is the Founder of Your Virtual Mentors. He facilitates the free help available and runs the two premium Business & Life Coaching Programmes we have available.

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