3 Ways Anyone Can Get More Customers Today

Apr 29, 2019

I need more customers Paul! I'm struggling to get new clients! No one knows about me!

These are a just a few of the most commonly shared phrases shared in the YVM Community.

And I totally get it, there are times we all go through where we just need some extra customers - fast!

Maybe to help pay the bills. Maybe to just give you that confidence that things are going in the right direction. Maybe to give you that extra cash for the upcoming annual holiday. Maybe to invest in personal development.

Whatever the reason, I want to share with you 3 quick and easy ways to get more customers TODAY.

I have personally used each one and seen others do the same to great effect.

Sell To Your Previous Customers

The easiest customer to sell to is the one who has already bought something from you. And yet this is one of the most common things people don't do in business.

You work really hard to make a sale, celebrate it then move onto finding the next customer. And so often that customer who just bought something isn't then sold to again.

I get it, I made this mistake for years. I was worried they'd get annoyed at me trying to sell something else to them. Trust me they don't. The key thing is to make a process in your business where you're constantly selling to previous customers.

It might be as simple as setting a date in the diary to call them up. Perhaps after the six week online course they bought from you finishes. Or maybe one year later as that's the life span of the product they bought.

So often I and people who've done this report feedback such as "oh I'd been meaning to contact you" or "I'm glad you called I need help with..."

First step is to follow up with previous customers, try some approaches and once you find a way that works... turn it into a system so every customers gets followed up on.

At this point a common problem is that people say "I don't have anything else to sell to my customers". To which my answer is, create an offer that makes sense for people who bought your first product ASAP then try sell it to them.

Reach Out To Your Wider Audience

You have an audience. You might think you don't but trust me you do. The first suggestion is your best shot for getting results fast from your audience.

But, you can still get amazing results by reaching out to others. You don't have to have a Facebook Group, an email list or a big following on YouTube.

Would it help? Sure. But all too often people think they don't have an audience just because their numbers are relatively low in comparison to some out there.

Why not start simple?

Reach out to friends and family. They will want to help you any way they can.

Then try your social media accounts. Do something different...maybe share your story of how you came to do what you do.

Then try going through your emails and looking for any leads you haven't got a definite no from.

Then email any lists you have. Even a list of 20 could result in a lead or sales.

Then go through your emails. Is there anyone you helped in the past that you could ask for a referral or help.

What other resources do you have?

A podcast? Local networking connections?

Reach out to your wider audience. Let them know what you do, who you help, why they should take interest.

When this works best is when you have a very clear and compelling offer which you present to the right parts of your audience.

What Haven't You Tried Yet?

Facebook Live? Instagram TV? Video on LinkedIn? Facebook Ads? LinkedIn Ads? Cold calling? Guest interview?

There are endless ways to get new customers and I'm willing to bet you haven't tried them all.

All you need is one of those ways to pay off and hey presto you can have a great source of new customers.

I know they might be scary and daunting, but consider the alternative for a moment...

What will happen if you don't get more customers?

Are you going to let a little bit of fear cause you to put your dreams on hold or result in you having to go back to employment?

Push through those uncomfortable feelings. Do what needs to be done.


And there you have it folks, 3 ways to get more customers today.

Still stuck? Have questions.

Head over to the YVM Community and post a discussion to get help from the group.


Post by Paul Bassi

Paul's area of expertise is planning. He helps people to create plans, make real progress and ultimately achieve their goals.

He is the founder of Your Virtual Mentors - he plans, facilitates, creates and delivers many of the online resources we make available.

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