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Your Virtual Mentors ( YVM ) is an online platform, setup by Founder Paul Bassi, that provides small business owners access to the key advice, support and inspiration needed to be successful in both business and life.

Starting and running a successful business is hard, like really hard, but totally worth it at the same time. Everyone struggles, we all need help at times and sometimes a supportive word can make all the difference. Which is why here at YVM we always say…

Don’t Go It Alone.

Help is available…If you’re not already a member of our Free Facebook Group that’s the first place to go for loads of free advice, support and inspiration.

In that group you’ll find lots of like minded business owners ready to help. You’ll also see our ever growing team YVM Mentors adding value, sharing tips and answering questions too.

You see, for us collaboration is the key to not only making it in business but enjoying the journey as well. Which is why here at YVM we also are often heard saying…

Let’s Create It Together.

Together we can create amazing life changing communities. Together we can create a profitable business you love. Together we can create the best version of you. Together we can create the life you always dreamed of.


Together We're Stronger


Access Expert Advice


Ideas, Motivation & Guidance


Push Yourself


We Understand The Struggle


Become Financially Free


Choose Your Future


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Hi there! My name is Paul Bassi. I’m the Founder of Your Virtual Mentors.

As Founder most of my time is spent organising, improving and adding to the YVM platform.

Everything you see here at YVM started out from a single idea that I had back in 2017…

“Wouldn’t it be amazing if small business owners could tap into the collective knowledge of 50+ experts plus have access to key support and opportunities all at an affordable price.”

This thought came from the fact I spent years struggling myself. I knew how hard it was, I’d seen countless people give up on their dreams.

And so if I could create a business that helped people move toward their goals and dreams, well that would be something worth going all in on.

That is what I’ve been doing ever since. I love helping small business owners, it’s my passion and in YVM we’re doing it a bit differently.

Thank you so much for learning more about YVM. I’d personally like to invite you to join our amazingly supportive community below…

YVM Community

2000+ Members

Join the original YVM Community specifically for small business owners. Whether you have a beginner question, need some support through an issue or just want some inspiration this is the place for you. A safe and friendly space where like minded small business owners help one another.