5 Ways To Accelerate Your Business Progress & Achieve Big Goals

Is your business stuck in a rut? Are those big goals just not getting closer? Are things progressing at a snails pace?

Don’t worry, it’s totally normal and something you 100% can get through.

The path to achieving your goals as I’m sure you know is NOT easy NOT straight forward and packed full of challenges.

Sometimes you do get stuck at a certain level of thinking and actions which only keeps you where you are.

Sometimes you do make mistakes or choose the wrong option meaning you have to go back 2,7 or what might feel like 37 steps.

Sometimes you do all you can but no matter what things just keep creeping along at a snails pace.

It’s all a part of the journey and leads me nicely onto the first key thing you can do to change all that…

Become More Self Aware

Whether it’s being in a rut, going for goals you’re no longer motivated by or allowing negative behaviours things only become clear when…

Someone points it out to you.

It becomes such a big issue that it becomes glaringly obvious.

or and this is the one I want you to work on…when you notice it.

If you notice that you’re in a rut, your business is trundling along not really progressing then you can take action to change it.

The alternative might be spending years just doing OK, only for someone to say “oh wow I thought how things were going you’d be doing X by now”.

By becoming more self aware you can become proactive.

You might notice…why your motivation levels have dropped, that you’re not bringing the same energy to work, that you have subconscious beliefs holding you back and much much more.

When you become self aware the control is back in your hands.

Now let’s look at four more specific things you can do to accelerate your progress…

Surround Yourself With People Who’ve Done What You Want To Do

Someone out there will have done what you’re trying to do.

That might be earn X amount freelancing or get a speaking gig or become a published author…literally anything.

If you can find ways to immerse yourself into these people’s worlds you can learn from them and see how they did it you’ll be amazed what happens.

When you’re around people more successful, more productive, wealthier you will then learn…how they did it, what worked for them, what mistakes they made.

You will see their routines, understand their mindset, notice their rituals and start to take them on.

Once you get into their world and see what they do it will become very clear what you need to do, where you’ve been going wrong and changes to make.

This will massively accelerate your progress as you’ll be learning from someone who has been there and done it.

Become More Accountable & Get Stuff Done

When it comes to moving your business forward and achieving goals ACTION is key.

Delay, procrastination, side stepping all can stop you from taking action.

You need to be put in place systems that help keep you accountable.

That might be being part of a group (more on that later) or having a coach or reminders on your phone… the methods are different for everyone.

But if you’re stuck or in a rut and not making progress a lack of action in a few key areas can be the cause.

Being scared to apply for things, not putting yourself forward, not raising your prices like you said you would. Change is scary.

But what’s scarier is being in the same position in 6 months time knowing you could have taken action and give yourself a chance at those big goals.

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Invest In Personal Development

Cold hard cash – put some aside to invest in personal development.

There is nothing like having some skin in the game to accelerate your progress and get you to that next level.

Look, I love the fact that there is so much free help available. YVM makes lots available, you’re reading some right now.

The problem though, free help isn’t as valuable as paid help.

When you pay for help you get better quality training, better answers, expert advice, support and much much more.

When you pay for help you’re more likely to commit to it, complete it and then most importantly actually implement it.

Now, you could start small…

Buy a book, purchase an eBook, take a short online course. Awesome!

Then in time you could join an online business group, take more courses, attend a few events. Even better!

Then you can look at getting a coach, a mentor, taking high level courses and much more.

The key is to invest in your personal development. Whether it’s leveling up your skills to help clients more or working through limiting beliefs or learning how to do marketing or having someone keep you accountable… if it’s what you need at that time, invest in it.

When you do that you’ll see things change in your business.

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Get Focus & Clarity

In the week up to writing this post I must have had 6 different conversations with people who all felt like things were stalling, progress was slow and their goals just weren’t getting closer.

After a short conversation it became clear in almost all cases what the number one problem was… a lack of focus and clarity.

Having been there myself, several times I could feel their pain.

Some had three or four businesses others were constantly changing marketing strategies others were just trying to do everything but achieving very little.

Which brings me to focus and clarity.

And I have a simple question I want you to answer… What Matters Most?

I’m willing to bet there’s lots of things you’re doing right now, which in the grand scheme of things don’t matter that much.

To see progress, get things moving and accelerate towards your goals…you MUST put your efforts into what matters most.

You might have three businesses you love, but you’ve got to choose one to be your central focus.

You might have lots of amazing ideas, but you can’t do them all.

You might see lots of online marketers saying you need to try this new thing, but you need to decide if that will help you.

The key here is to ensure focus and clarity.

Ask yourself what matters most…then focus on those things.

Don’t Go It Alone

I tried going it alone. It’s not fun, it’s not clever and I regret it.

It’s why I setup Your Virtual Mentors. With the free group I wanted a place where you as a business owner could start accessing some of the help that I denied myself.

You can join our Free Group, Listen to the Podcast or as you’re doing now reading our blog.

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You get access to training with our growing team of Mentors covering everything you need to know to accelerate your business progress. The training is run by our hand picked Mentors who are experts at what they do.

Through this group you will get…

  • Business Growth
  • Accountability
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  • Support & Inspiration
  • & Much More.

Oh and because you’re part of an amazing community you’ll have more fun doing so, level up by being around like minded people and accelerate your progress.

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Post by Paul Bassi

Paul is the Founder of YVM, facilitates the free help on offer, runs the paid group and also builds WordPress Websites in a day (£300).

He setup in business in 2010 as a freelance marketer, went onto build over 100+ WordPress websites, published a book and now dedicates most of his time to his passion of helping other business owners.

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