5 Reasons You’re Not Getting Results From LinkedIn

Are you still NOT getting results from LinkedIn?

Here at YVM we hear lots of people who say LinkedIn just doesn’t work for them.

Admittedly LinkedIn  has been a bit up and down over the years, but over the past 12-18 months it’s seen a big resurgence.

In short, you can’t blame LinkedIn anymore for not getting results from it.

LinkedIn isn’t just about putting up a profile and then leaving it there, it can do soooo much more!

So, in this post we’re sharing 5 reasons you might not be getting results from LinkedIn.

These are all things we’ve picked up from our YVM LinkedIn Mentor, Helen Pritchard.

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Lack of Connections

Without connections you’ll have no one to engage with.

You need to ensure a regular flow of connections are coming in daily.

Do this by sending out connection requests to people in your target market, EVERY day.

It only takes 5 minutes or so but this one daily action over a period of time will help you build up a large base of people who could see your posts.

As of writing I have 7106 connections, and that keeps rising daily.

And because I’m connecting with new people each day there are more profile views and opportunities opening up daily.

Bad Posting Habits

Speaking of posts, a common reason people don’t see results is because…

a) You’re not posting at all

b) You only post occasionally when you have something to sell

c) You only post links

d) You’re posts aren’t engaging

Avoid all of the above and you’ll see engagement levels increase.

Remember it’s about adding value, building trust and showing people what you can do, this is the way to get people coming to you.

Lack of Engagement

One of the things I didn’t do for a long time, and the one area I fall down on most still, is not engaging on other peoples content.

This is a great way to increase your visibility and get found by new people.

By commenting and engaging on others posts you can then start to be seen by other people.

By engaging on other people’s posts you will then be more likely to get those people engaging on your own content.

Be engaging on other people’s content you can show your expertise.

The key for me thought is don’t engage with expectation. Do it without expectation but in the knowledge it will help you.

Not Clear on Your Audience

…are you targeting the wrong people?

It’s crucial to figure out who you’re targeting.

Don’t try target everyone, figure out who your ideal clients are and focus on speaking to them.

Your posts and profile then focus on these people and trying to connect with them in some way.

A Weak Profile

Your profile is your shop window.

What do I mean by weak? I mean one that talks about you too much and doesn’t actually connect with your audience.

Following Helen’s advice I turned my profile into more of a landing page that pulls people in and helps me to connect with the right people.

Click here to take a look.

Once you know your audience you can then develop a profile like mine above.

And there we go 5 reasons you might not be getting results from LinkedIn.

Fix those 5 areas and you’ll see improvements.

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Written by Paul Bassi | Based on Training from YVM LinkedIn Mentor Helen Pritchard.

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