5 Books Every Business Owner Should Read

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OK look, you don’t need to be reading a book a day, a week or spending every every evening reading.

…but you do need to read.

15 minutes per day is enough to change your life.

When you’re reading the right books the above is even more true.

And we Your Virtual Mentors are on hand to point you in the right direction with 5 books we believe every small business owner should read.

Take a look…

Build A Business with The E-Myth (Michael E. Gerber)

This is essential reading for all business owners but in particular for any freelancers, consultants or trainers.

This book will open up your eyes to the way to create a successful business.

It’s a system. But a system that you create. And the system is based on whatever vision you have for your business.

The e-Myth will take you back to the beginning and start out creating your business the right way, a sustainable way.

It helps you figure out what business you need to create, why you need it and how to create a business that serves to help you achieve the life you want.

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Principles of Success with Think & Grow Rich (Napoleon Hill)

If you want to get a clear overview of the key things that are instrumental in the success stories of most people, this is the book to read.

Whether you want to be rich, influence people, run a successful small business or tackle a big goal this book can help.

Based on the key principles of success learned from some of the big names of history including… Henry Ford, Andrew Carnegie, Charles M Schwab, John D. Rockerfeller, Thomas A. Edison, F.W Woolworth, King Gillette & many many more.

Anyone who is able to study and implement the principles outlined in this book will be on the path to success.

This book isn’t one that you always enjoy reading. It’s not short and it will often challenge some of your core beliefs.

Once finished keep going back to it time and time again. The principles do NOT happen overnight. They will take time to learn and master.

View Think & Grow Rich On Amazon

Learn How To Win Friends & Influence People (Dale Carnegie)

Business is about people. People buy from people.

Your ability to influence people is crucial to your success.

Your ability to win friends and make connections is important to your success.

If you can learn the art of winning friends and influencing people you can go a long way on this skill alone.

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Discover the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (Stephen R. Covey)

Want to be productive? Want to be effective?

Then this is the book for you.

A longer read but one well worth sticking with and going over regularly.

This book is not just about business and much can be applied to all aspect of life.

Watch out for repeated lightbulb moments where you realise mistakes you’ve been making and opportunities missed.

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Discover The One Thing (Gary Keller & Jay Papasan)

The final book is the one that if we had to choose, we’d suggest reading first.

The other books cover a wide range of things, but no surprise considering the title, this book takes a much more narrow approach.

The One Thing.

That one thing that matters most in your business. That one thing that will define your career.

If you find yourself overwhelmed, too much to do, too many options this is the book that will help you discover that one thing.

View The One Thing On Amazon

Why These 5 Books?

Making this list was actually a lot easier than expected.

We wanted to keep the YVM Community in mind when deciding on which books to include, to do this we asked some key questions…

What books would help any business owner move forward?

What books would be as relevant in 10 years as they are today?

What books have we got a lot from?

With this criteria, we quickly narrowed the list down to single digit figures and soon after to the five you see above.

The ideas in these books have helped people change the world.

The ideas in these books can change your world.

All you need to do is spend 15 minutes per day reading.


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