3 x Marketing Strategies For Businesses With Zero To Spend

OK, so you’ve got nothing to spend…but you need to get your business out there, you need some clients and just really want to see some money coming into your account.

Sound familiar?

Well it’s a very common problem. Needing more clients, needing more sales, needing more income. Is the #1 problem members of the YVM Small Business Community share with us.

Having no budget isn’t ideal, but you do have options. Plenty of them in fact. And you probably know what they are?

…Facebook. Twitter. LinkedIn. YouTube. Instagram. Pinterest. Podcast.

Write daily on Facebook. Tweet multiple times a day on Twitter. Post daily on LinkedIn. Create videos. Create pictures. Go live etc etc.

The options available today are endless. And they’re FREE.

Even just one of these sites could give you enough work or customers to transform your life.

Then there’s networking, walking into shops and talking to people, calling businesses…the list of free things you could do is endless.

So the first thing we want you to do is this… be real with yourself about whether you’re exploring all your options on those free options.

If not, ask why not?

Ask why you’re not going on video, why you’re not calling up potential clients, why you’re not spending an extra hour per day creating social posts.

The answers aren’t easy, but they are important. And here at YVM we want to impress upon you how important it is you work through these excuses…

…because that’s all they are. We’ve all done it. We’ve all struggled with worrying about what we look like on camera or worrying what someone might say.

But please, do NOT let these excuses and issues stop you from trying. Do not let these excuses restrict you from these marketing avenues which can transform your life.

OK, now that we’ve shared that strong reminder of what to do when you have no budget but need customers or clients…we do have 3 x further strategies that you can use to help your marketing.

Create WOW Moments For Customers

Going above and beyond for your clients is a great idea.

However, what often happens is that idea only happens occasionally.

What we want to get you thinking about is how can can you make it the norm.

How can you setup your business so that every customer gets a wow moment.

It might be adding a personal note in with a delivery. Or adding an extra touch to an item.

It doesn’t matter what it is, if it will make customers feel special and create that little WOW! that’s all that matter.

They will remember it. They will tell others about it. They may post it on social media.

This one strategy if consistently implemented will pay back many times over.

Become The Wikipedia Of Your Industry

The modern customer does a lot of research.

If you can be the business that provides lots of the information they need during that process, there’s a good chance they’ll be coming back to you to make a purchase.

For example if you were looking to buy a luxury shed (yes they do exist!)

You’d start searching on maybe Pinterest, then Google, then Instagram and eventually you’d find some sites / accounts that provide you with lots of information.

When you’re on those sites / accounts you’re going to be checking out their offers too.

If their offers are on point for you and the fact that you feel they’ve helped you already they’ll be going on your shortlist.

All that happens on auto pilot without you having to do anything.

But only if you invest time into creating the content.

Even say two blog posts per month would be great. In time that would enable you to cover all the key questions your ideal customers might have plus cover new / trending topics too.

Triple Your Prices

What?! Just triple your prices???

Well, yeah…but there is a bit more to it.

Just imagine if you tripled the price of a service or product you currently offer. Now ask yourself this question…

What would have to change about it for someone to be interested?

Is it just a case of how it’s presented?

Is it about the ingredients used?

Is it about the level of customer service?

Is it about how many are available?

The key thing here is to let your imagination run wild.

Allow yourself to imagine how you can create a premium version of your product or service.

You don’t have to triple the price. Perhaps you can double it or maybe quadrouple it.

This is an exercise about positioning what you offer.

Perhaps you just create this offer to showcase what you can do. This results in more people coming to your website or following you on social media. They don’t buy the premium option but when they see your standard one, they think yeah that’s more for me.

Give it a go and see what you can come up with.

Don’t Let Your Budget Determine What’s Possible

These aren’t quick fixes, but they are long term strategies for success.

Which after is what we know you really want, you know you’re in a marathon not a sprint.

So take some time choose on strategy and let the resources you do have (time & creativity) run wild.


Post by Your Virtual Mentors

This post was based on a YVM Virtual Class run by Lindsey Newman-Wood of Passion Marketing Solutions.

If you’d like to take the Champagne Marketing On A Lemonade Budget training click here.

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