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Your Virtual Mentors (YVM) is online training and coaching company for people looking to create a business and life they love.

We do this by facilitating various online communities, programmes and systems to help business owners like yourself.

YVM is a collaborative business working with various experts, coaches and mentors to provide you with the right help at each stage of your journey.

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"YVM is a group like no other. Supportive, nurturing and straightforward. I can honestly say there is no hidden agenda Paul creates a supportive network that has the development of its members first and foremost. The group members are fully engaged in this way and real networks of value are forming."

Elaine Mitchell
Empowerment Coach

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Business Accelerator

Need advice, training, accountability & support to take your business forward? Join our cost effective group programme for ambitious business owners.

With our help you'll build a profitable business you love and start seeing real progress towards your goals.


Ideal Life Challenge

One life. That's all any of us get. This programme is for anyone who wants to squeeze every ounce out of their one life.

Join our ILC programme to create a life you've always dreamed of and become a part of our life changing community.


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