Marketing Calendar

Get Organised + Improve Your Marketing + Save Time

Use a ready made template to ensure you put out regular content, send emails and schedule all your social posts.

Stop doing everything last minute and use this calendar to ensure all your marketing is working in sync.

Working For Yourself Survival Kit

Enjoy Working For Yourself + Avoid Common Mistakes

Working for yourself is really hard. Use our survival kit for key things to work on and mistakes to avoid.

Improve your chances of realising all you hoped working for yourself would create by grabbing your copy of our survival kit.

9 Thing Every Smalll Business Owner Should Be Doing
9 Things Every…

Focus On What Matters Most To Your Future Success

Discover the 9 things Founder of YVM, Paul Bassi, believes all small business owners should focus on.

Use this download to ensure you’re working on the key areas that will have the greatest impact on your long term future.

Freelancing Mastery Roadmap

Ensure You Move Your Freelancing Business Forwards

Freelancing is tough, getting started alone is a pretty daunting task. To take it to the next level and be successful is just as hard.

Use our road map to ensure you keep your freelancing business moving in the right direction.

Need More Help?

Sometimes a free download or mini course just doesn’t quite answer your question.

If you find yourself in that situation the Free Your Virtual Mentors Community on Facebook is the place to be. You can post all your business related questions and get help from our ever growing community.

So whether you need help with marketing, getting started, setting prices, hiring people or any other business problem you can think of…click the link below to join the group for Free and get answers…