The Team

Say Hello! to the Your Virtual Mentors Team which is made up of Your Virtual Mentors, Contributors & Community Members.

Your Virtual Mentors

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Paul Bassi

Marketing / Small Business / Freelancing

As Founder of YVM I am on a mission to help as many business owners as possible. I love seeing other business owners overcome challenges and succeed.

Most of my time is spent working on YVM, to help fund the free help we make available I do take on a limited number of training and coaching clients. Click below to learn more about the services I offer…


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Carol Watson

Microsoft Office Solutions Provider

Carol is the owner of owner of SME Office Support. Carol specialises in MS Office applications & is a self confessed proud Excel geek!

Visit Website |  01332 662398

Becky Stevenson

Business Improvement Consultant

Becky is a Business Improvement Consultant helping businesses solve problems, fix issues, streamline, change and grow.

Visit Website |  07900 958459

Rebecca Hancock

Print & Embroidery Specialist

Rebecca helps businesses promote their brands via Print Marketing & Branded Clothing. View the Giraffe Graphics website for a full range of items and services available…

Visit Website |  01246 766770

Andrew Bailey

Pricing & Negotiating Consultant

Andrew is a Pricing & Negotiating specialist. He specialises in helping & inspiring a range of businesses in the areas of pricing, value selling & negotiating.

Visit Website |  0203 1519391

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The Community

A big part of the advice, support and inspiration offered via Your Virtual Mentors comes from our Facebook Group Community. With 400+ members there’s a wealth of knowledge and experience that is available to all members.

Although we can’t acknowledge each member individually we do acknowledge the collective importance of the community. For this we thank each and every member.