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Rewards Available For Purchase Until 1.12.17

Thank you so much for taking a look at the Your Virtual Mentors crowdfunding page.

You’ve come at an exciting time as we’re currently in the middle of a live crowdfunding round.

Rather than use a crowdfunding site like Kickstarter or Crowdfunder we decided to run it on our own site. The main reason being is it ensures as much of the money raised is kept within the YVM Community.

About Your Virtual Mentors (YVM)

YVM is here to advise, support and inspire small business owners at scale.

To do this we plan, develop and manage various online systems. Currently these include a Facebook Group, Blog, Free Training and Website.

Rather than Founder Paul being at the centre of YVM it is you the community that is the focal point. We listen to your problems, concerns and issues then go out and create solutions for you.

To help us do this we work with a range of Contributors & Mentors who all provide some of their expertise to the group. This might be as a Guest Post, Q&A or Useful Comment for example.

This combination of online systems + contributors = lots of free advice, support and inspiration to help you succeed.

Want to know more about what we do here at YVM? Click here to read our about page.

November 2017 Crowdfunding Round

To create the systems, keep them running and ensure they provide value to the community takes time and money.

Which is why we’re doing this crowdfunding round.

We’re looking to raise funds to cover costs for the next 3-6 months plus build upon the existing help systems available.

What we’ll be using the funds for…

  • To Ensure The Continuation of The Current Free YVM Systems ( Facebook Groups, Blogs, Free Training & Website )
  • To Launch & Grow The Free Members Website ( even more free help you can access in a structured membership website )
  • To Create New Training Materials Throughout 2018
  • To Cover Ongoing Costs of Providing The YVM Systems
  • To Develop Additional Free Systems In 2018

To raise funds we have a selection of rewards available for you to claim…

Our Rewards For Your Support

On this page you can browse the range of rewards we have on offer for this crowdfunding round.

Please note…

#1 Some rewards have limited availability and are offered on a first come first served basis.

#2 Founder Paul only takes on clients during crowdfunding rounds like this one. If you’d like to work with him this is your chance.

#3 Paul is open to other rewards / working with him suggestions, use the email below to contact him with your ideas.

Click Here To Browse The Rewards.

If you have any questions about any of the rewards please email

Feedback From The YVM Community

Here are a few testimonials from members of the community…

“YVM is a group like no other. Supportive, nurturing and straightforward. I can honestly say there is no hidden agenda Paul creates a supportive network that has the growth and development of its members first and foremost. The group members are fully engaged in this way and real networks of value are forming.” Elaine Mitchell, Empowerment Coach.

“YVM has given me the confidence to try new things. I have networked with a lot of new people and made good business connections that I wouldn’t have done otherwise. It’s also because of YVM’s help that I’ve been able to take my business to the next level.” Amy Purser, The Social Networker.

“As a solo entrepreneur YVM for me has provided the missing links and given me valuable aha moments from social media to tech quandaries. Everyone is a specialist in the group because we all have something to give due to the many levels of expertise, the varied genres and the varying stages of the business journey. It’s ‘none selly’ and genuine from the off. A total niche of business gold.” Sara Marsden-Shreeve, The Image Tree.

If you have any questions about YVM or the rewards please email

Thank You

I want to say a massive thank you for even considering supporting YVM.

We only started this journey mid 2017 and officially launched in September.

The feedback from the community has been amazing, the help our contributors share has helped hundreds of people and we’ve not really even got started.

With your help, we can hopefully continue on this exciting journey and continue to advise, support and inspire many more small business owners.

Whether you are able to support YVM on this occasion or not I’d like to personally invite you to join our Facebook Group and access the various free help systems we have on our Website.

Thank you for your time, have a lovely day.

Paul Bassi

Founder of Your Virtual Mentors

YVM Rewards

Available From 3.11.17 to 1.12.17

YVM Supporter – Option 1


You love what we do at YVM, appreciate the help we offer and want to support us. You’ll receive a personal email from Paul expressing his gratitude for your support.

YVM Supporter – Option 2


Option 1 + Your business, name & website will be listed in our supporters section on the YVM Website, Members Area & Facebook Group.

YVM Supporter – Option 3


Option 1&2 + 45 minute phone call with Founder Paul Bassi. Get help, learn from or discuss any topic with Paul during this 1:1 call.

Marketing Strategy Day

£395 ( 3 x available )

Work with Paul for an entire day to transform your marketing plans. Whether you start from scratch or have plans already by the end of the day you’ll have a clear plan for your marketing which is in line with the goals for your business.

We Can Work On: Planning | Strategy | Training | Creation | Scheduling | Brainstorming

Website In A Day

£495 ( 3 x available )

Work with Paul for a day to plan, create and launch your website in a single day. Ideal for information based websites of 5-10 pages. Use Paul’s years of experience building websites for clients to get a great looking site at a fraction of the cost.

2018 YVM Sponsor

£1200 ( 1 x available )

Become the YVM Community sponsor for an entire year. Work with YVM to promote your business in a non salesy way that gets results.

Includes Promotion On: Main Facebook Group, Blog, Free Members Area, Social Media & Website. Ideal for a B2B business. Please click below to contact Paul to discuss full details.


Please email with any questions you have.