One of the key goals of Your Virtual Mentors is to give you access to the collective knowledge and experience of our community. Click here to see which members have already contributed.

To do this we have various opportunities for member to contribute, the most popular options are outlined below…

Video Training Session

Every week we run a free training session in the YVM Community. This is a 20-30 minute video session on your area of expertise.

You’ll start the session by introducing yourself, then cover your topic, answer any questions and then promote your business or offer.

How Can We Work Together?

At Your Virtual Mentors grows and develops we’re always looking for more ways to get the community involved. Here’s a few of the ideas we have…

  • Giveaways
  • Podcast Interview
  • Training Webinar
  • Mini Training Videos
  • Approved Mentor

Ready To Contribute?

We’re so excited that you’re wanting to contribute to Your Virtual Mentors.

Whether you like the sound of the Group Q&A, Guest Post or have an idea please email Founder Paul Bassi via the button below.