Small Business Owners, Do You…

Need Help Marketing? Feel Alone? Isolated? Overwhelmed? Need Support?  Need Leads?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. These are just a handful of the many common problems small business owners experience.

And that’s where the Your Virtual Mentors Academy comes in. We’re here to provide ongoing advice, support and inspiration to help you avoid common mistakes, achieve goals and have fun doing it.

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Are You….?

  • Stressed or Worried About Money
  • Feeling Overwhelmed
  • Lonely or Isolated Working From Home
  • Getting Desperate For Clients or Sales
  • Lacking Confidence and or Motivation
  • Struggling To Stick To Your Plans
  • Stuck With Your Marketing Efforts
  • Struggling To Find A Work / Life Balance

If your current reality of running a business isn’t what you hoped for, the YVM Academy is here to help change that.

Running your own business can be amazing. It can open up a world of opportunities. Whether you want to spend more time with the kids, earn some extra cash or build an empire you can do all this and more as a business owner.

It isn’t easy though and many business owners unfortunately don’t succeed for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s figuring out marketing, getting leads, getting started, how to sell, how to deal with customers, deciding how much to work, doing the accounts there’s a lot to know and do.

Which is where the YVM Academy comes in. With a range of Training, Resources, Q&A, Community and much more the YVM Academy is the place you can turn for help.

Would You Like To….?

  • Get Monthly Marketing Training To Help You Grow Your Business
  • Have A Safe Place Where You Can Ask Like Minded People Key Questions
  • Avoid Common Mistakes Most Owners Make
  • Be On The Fast Track To Success
  • Be Part of A Support Network Where You Help One Another Succeed
  • Get Business Templates + Training To Use In Your Business
  • Learn to Look After Your Mind, Body & Soul
  • Learn From Paul & Get The Inside Scoop On Everything He Knows
  • …and much more.

This is what the YVM Academy offers. A place where you can get the advice, support and inspiration you need to create a successful business that you love.

Outlined below are the features of membership to the YVM Academy…

The YVM Academy Is Here To Help…

Join the YVM Academy for key advice, support and inspiration to help you achieve your business goals. It will also be a lot more fun, easy and enjoyable having the YVM community supporting you along the way.

Marketing Workshops

Join the live online marketing workshop each month where you will learn about various aspects of marketing.

Health & Wellness

Your business won't last long if you keep breaking, every month we cover an aspect of looking after your most important asset.

Templates & Resources

With monthly new templates and access to our archive you can slot in tried and tested systems into your business.

Facebook Community

Join our super supportive Facebook Group exclusively for helping YVM Academy members get ahead.

Live Event Recordings

As a YVM Academy member you get access to the recordings of the training sessions run at our quarterly events.

Challenges & Assessments

Join in the adhoc challenges and assessments that we share within the Academy to help with specific problem areas.

Mini Courses & Training

For some areas we develop quarterly mini courses to help you work through specific issues.

Advice, Support & Inspiration

There's lots of opportunity for asking questions, networking and much more when you become an Academy member...

Claim 1 of 25 Lifetime Founder Spots

For £99 you can be in the exclusive membership category of Lifetime Founders…

The free YVM Community is a group like no other. Supportive, nurturing and straightforward. I can honestly say there is no hidden agenda Paul creates a supportive network that has the development of its members first and foremost. The group members are fully engaged in this way and real networks of value are forming.

Elaine Mitchell, Empowerment Coach

An Investment That Will Pay You Back…

Save Time, Accelerate Progress, Avoid Mistakes & More With An Academy Membership

  • Founders Lifetime Membership

  • £99ONE OFF FEE
    • marketing workshops
    • templates & resources
    • health & wellness sessions
    • facebook community
    • live event recordings
    • challenges & assessments
    • mini courses & training
    • q&a, networking & much more
    • Lifetime Access For One Off Fee
    • Founder Status
    • 25 Lifetime Spots Available

  • Standard Lifetime Membership

  • £495ONE OFF FEE
    • marketing workshops
    • templates & resources
    • health & wellness sessions
    • facebook community
    • live event recordings
    • challenges & assessments
    • mini courses & training
    • q&a, networking & much more

Who Runs YVM Academy?

Meet Paul & The YVM Contributors

Paul Bassi – Coordinator

Hi! My name is Paul Bassi and I’m the founder of Your Virtual Mentors.

While I do provide some of the training and resources available in the academy my main role is to act as coordinator. I ensure that the Academy runs smoothly and the training calendar is delivered month in month out.

I’m also in the Academy Facebook Group every day advising, supporting and inspiring members to succeed. I also engage members to understand what training would be of greatest value to the Academy.

The majority of training, resources and help is provided by…

Contributors & Mentors

Most of the training provided in the Academy is through our carefully selected contributors and mentors.

This means the YVM Academy can cover any topic and ensures you’re learning from experts in their fields.

The training provided ranges from Video Training, Templates, Resources, Assessments, Challenges, Q&A plus much more.

Click here to view the growing list of contributors and mentors working with Your Virtual Mentors.

The Free YVM Community has given me the confidence to try new things. I have networked with a lot of new people and made good business connections that I wouldn’t have done otherwise. It’s also because of YVM’s help that I’ve been able to take my business to the next level.

Amy Purser, The Social Networker

Join As A Founder Today…

Join YVM Academy as a founder and get LIFETIME access for a one off fee of £99…

Lifetime Membership – It’s exactly how it sounds, there are 25 spaces for lifetime access to YVM Academy for a low one off fee.

You’ll get all the same access as future members and will be a part of a very exclusive intake.

Not only do you get amazing value for money you also get to have a greater influence on the content and training we provide as a founder.

Academy Timeline – The Academy Facebook Group is setup and ready for you to join. The Academy area is also setup, with monthly training commencing in March.

Ready to invest in yourself and your business? Ready for amazing advice, support and inspiration? Ready to be part of a very special community that is going to do amazing things in 2018?

Yes? Then all you need to do is click the button below and sign up to secure your lifetime Founders spot in the YVM Academy…